11 Reasons to switch to Google Docs

Update (20/01/10) : There are now 11 reasons to switch! Time to say goodbye to your USB Memory stick.

Until recently I’ve always been a die hard Microsoft Office fan, proudly keeping all my documents in the My documents folder at home also having a similar folder structure at work, with copy of my important documents on my USB Memory Stick. I wanted a better way to manage this so I signed up to Google Docs, uploaded all my docs and I was away.

Here are 11 reasons why everyone should make the switch to Google Docs.

1. Google is cool – yes we all know it, Google is pretty damn cool, everything they develop is wicked, well almost everything *cough* Orkut *cough*.

2. Accessible Anywhere – It’s all on the magical cloud, fire up a device with a web browser and you’re never too far from your docs.

3. Auto Save – Google Docs Auto saves, no I’m not talking about a dodgy temp file, it’s a proper auto save with the ability to see the full revision history.

4. Free, no licensing? free? Yes totally free compared to Microsoft office (£114.27 – Microsoft Office Professional 2007 – eBuyer.com http://www.ebuyer.com/product/124761) Google Docs can’t provide all the features and functionality of Microsoft Office but its pretty damn close.

5. Searchable by content – Windows has always been pretty good at finding your documents and files but its rubbish at searching within your documents. Google is a search engine, its core business is to search – and they’re pretty good at it.

6. Collaboration – The collaboration features in docs is a good enough reason for most people to switch, no need to email copies of documents to people anymore, make them come to you! (See Video below).

7. Support for new office formats (docx & pptx) - it’s always annoying when someone sends you a document that you can’t open because you have the wrong version of office. This has been totally eliminated as docs support a vast range of formats.

8. iPhone support – Docs works on the iPhone, well kind of. You can view but currently can’t edit word documents. You can edit spreadsheets.

9. Google Mail Integration – it’s always fun when you receive a PDF document and realise you don’t have a viewer on your computer. With Google Mail you can open attachments with your Google Docs.

10. Offline support with Google Gears – But I don’t have internet? Google Gears is what you need; it provides the user with the ability to work locally without the need for an Internet Connection. As soon as you’re back online it automatically syncs your docs. Awesome.

11. Upload any file - Say goodbye to your USB Memory stick, Google have done it again and now allow users to upload any file type up to 1gb, which can be shared as easy any other document. Superb!

These are just 11 of my favourite features of Google Docs, for a more in-depth reasons check out the video below.

Google Docs - Rocks! http://docs.google.com