Children In Need Moodle Theme

On Monday I launched the Children In Need theme to our Moodle to highlight and advertise that Children in Need activities will be going on all week here at Leeds City College

I’ve spent about a week modifying the current theme and trying not to go mad with Pudsey. The end result is quite a present surprise.

Firstly I have added a random header script, which loads another header on refresh, There are 4 in total.
Next I changed the colour of the drop downs to yellow to match with the background of the theme.

On course pages I’ve updated the images that appear above our blocks to include Pudsey.

Since we launched Leeds City College Moodle we have always had a Variety of MyMoodle headers, and with Children in Need there is no exception. Again I’ve added a random image script which loads a different header on refresh from the selection below.

With the intention that we would like people to donate, I’ve linked the MyMoodle header to the donate page on the BBC Children in Need Site ( to try and help get as many people donating to a worthwhile and worthy course.