Moodle Course Structure - How we overcome Units

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Sukhwant Lota 3 Comments

Moodle Course Structure - How we overcome Units 

Here are Leeds City College ( we have just under 1000 users and we have up to 2500 unique logins per day. As for courses, we have 2790 and trying to manage this has become a full time task for our team. When a new student logs onto our Moodle, they are then automatically created an account using LDAP authentication. Next we have a link to our course database which checks which courses the student is currently studying, then returns a list of their courses to the MyMoodle page which looks something similar to this. 

one of the main problems we had when we launched Moodle was that teaching staff wanted their own course area on Moodle, but they also wanted a separate section for each unit. Now bearing in mind that some courses have up to 20 units we had to come up with an idea for this to work practically for the teachers and the students. Looking into Moodle Child and Meta courses, I decided to set up each unit as a separate course within Moodle with an "front page" of the course with links to all the separate units as shown below.

With Child & Meta courses, when a student enrols onto the child course (front page), they are automatically enrolled onto the Meta courses (units).

The next problem we had was that in the MyMoodle page teachers and students would now see anything up to 21 courses! In order for this to work, we would need a way to hide certain courses from the MyMoodle page. we managed to do this by hacking the core of Moodle and we now have the option to Hide and show courses from the MyMoodle page.