Moodle Help – Why every Moodle should have it

Let me start with a bit of stats. Our Moodle install has been live for about a year and a half, we currently have over 10,000 active students and over 1200 active staff.

When we launched our Moodle site we had no idea on the sheer amount of usage we would encounter (average 30,000 logins per week) and as more and more users logged on we found ourselves answering the same questions over and over again, thus arrived Moodle Help.

Moodle Help is a no nonsense, simple, graphic heavy, in plain English Moodle course that is open to all Moodle users that is specific to our Moodle install. I have also taken inspiration from Facebook Help and Google help in the design process.

Moodle help has been live since September 2009 and is currently one of our most accessed areas on Moodle with over 2000 page views.

Using surveys and feedback from staff and students we have gathered a collection of commonly asked questions and problems users face on our Moodle site and we have tried to deal with them head on within the Moodle Help Section. One of the most common questions that I have been asked is, what is Moodle? and what can I do with it?

On Moodle Help we have targeted the Students as users rather than Staff who will be populating the courses as we always try and give staff personal support on populating courses (where possible!). Although this hasn’t stopped staff having a quick read!

I’ve made Moodle Help into a guest area course so you can have a nosey. Please bear in mind that a lot of the topics are specific to our Moodle Install and I’m more than happy to provide a backup of this course if you would like one.

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