Moodle Photo Gallery

Moodle Photo Gallery

To publish photos on Moodle, I wanted a far more interesting and exciting way to display photos rather than the traditional method of uploading a single file at a time.

We currently have the Moodle Lightbox module where teachers can upload photos to their own course area, this shows the photos in a nice fancy ajax window.

This is great for basic photos but I wanted something far more advanced and interactive. After a few days of research I came across a website (by mistake!)

they have free to use customisable flash image viewers, and I must admit, the final output is pretty damn amazing!

The website had designed 5 different photo browsers which can be used manually by adding photos or by using Google Picasa to generate your web albums.

Tilt Viewer also has capability for displaying photos from flickr.

My favourite would have to be the Simple Viewer (

feel free to visit my Moodle and have a look at how i've implemented the photo viewers - what are you waiting for, get yourself Google Picasa and download the picture viewers today!

Google Picasa - Picture Viewers - Moodle Lightbox Module -

Thanks Sukhwant Lota