Top 5 Moodle Resources and Blocks we can’t live without

Here are a list of my top 5 Moodle Blocks, resources and activities. These are now so integrated into our Moodle that we couldn’t be without them!

1. Online Users (Block)

This is a core Moodle block relating to the users who are currently online, well within the last 5 minutes. The good thing about this block is that if you add it onto your course you’ll only see the online users for that course.

2. Related Areas Block

If your Moodle site is anything like ours where we have hundreds of Child and Meta courses then this block is for you. Once you add this block to your course it will show you all the courses that are linked to that course. Timesaver!
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3. Book Module

The Book module is great for creating a ‘book’ like resource within Moodle. It’s also a great substitute for WebPages where it keeps everything in one tidy book.

Within the chapters of the books you can do everything you can do on a webpage, embed images, video, audio etc. etc.
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4. Lightbox Gallery (Photo Gallery)

The Lightbox gallery is an awesome way to create ‘Lightbox’ (ajax) style photo galleries within Moodle.

It’s ridiculously simple to use, just upload your photos and create a new lightbox gallery in your resources and you’re away. The end result is pretty damn good.

We did have to rename the resource to Photo Gallery as not many people know what a Lightbox is.
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5. Questionnaire Module

The Questionnaire module is a great way for users to fill our forms and send feedback.

Click here for my previous post ‘Why I love the Questionnaire Module’.
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