Moodle Themes, are they integral to learning?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 Sukhwant Lota 0 Comments

Moodle Themes, are they integral to learning?

I’ve always liked a bright, bold, funky, fresh theme on our Moodle site but I question if It’s made an impact on the end users learning, after all a website link is a website link, a word document is a word document and a presentation is still a presentation regardless of the theme it was delivered on.

We have always used our theme as a tool to grab the interest of the end user, allowing them to change background colours etc and I think it has worked, our usage stats have never been higher and the feedback we’ve had from staff, students and the Moodle Community has been overwhelming.

Themes must be important to the overall experience of Moodle because If they aren’t then why are there so many companies that charge to develop a Moodle theme? After all there are plenty of free themes that are available from the website.

So to answer my initial question, are Moodle themes integral to learning? Yes I think they are! I just need to find a way to prove this now….