New Sky+ HD EPG, what’s all the fuss about?

I’ve been waiting ages and I’ve finally got it! The Band new Sky+ HD EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), so what’s all the fuss about, here are a couple of new features that will wet your appetite.

Well firstly it’s a proper resolution for 16:9 screens, geeks alike will have noticed that the original sky menu was designed for a 4:3 screen and as it carried over for 16:9 screens it became stretched and skewed.

Now, Next & Later, as they have optimised the banner for widescreen they can fit more in. Sky now shows what’s showing now, next and later.

Information button – on the old EPG you could browse what’s showing on other channels but couldn’t view the information for that programme. This has been fixed, what ever programme your browsing you can now view the information for (Virgin media have been doing this for years).

When you press the TV Guide button you’ll notice that it’s totally different and slightly overwhelming as there is quite a lot of information. Once you get used to it, it becomes a whole different ball game.

You’ll immediately notice that you can carry on watching your programme, there is a small preview in the top right corner of the programme you was watching (there isn’t even a break in the audio when you switch to the TV guide and back, Awesome).

There are plenty of more updates features and updates that Sky has included….I guess you’ll just have to get SKY HD to find out more!