Top 2010 Playlist

I've complied my favourite songs of 2010

This year there have 50 songs, some surprises, some cheesy and some mental but all good in their own right.  This is the 5th year I've been making my own yearly play-lists and no doubt there will be many more to come.

  1. Owl City - Fireflies
  2. Timbaland Feat Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again
  3. Iyaz - Replay
  4. 3Oh!3 Feat Katy Perry - Starstrukk
  5. JLS - One Shot
  6. Marina And The Diamonds - Hollywood
  7. Jay Sean Feat Sean Paul & Lil Jon - Do You Remember
  8. Jay-Z Feat Mr Hudson - Young Forever
  9. Rihanna - Rude Boy
  10. N-Dubz Feat Mr Hudson - Playing With Fire
  11. Jay-Z Feat Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
  12. Rihanna - Russian Roulette
  13. Chipmunk Feat Talay Riley - Look For Me
  14. Band Of Skulls - Death By Diamonds And Pearls
  15. 3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me
  16. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
  17. Faithless - Not Going Home
  18. Justice vs Simian - Never Be alone
  19. Pendulum - Watercolour
  20. David Guetta & Chris Willis Feat Fergie & Lmfao - Gettin' Over You
  21. Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo
  22. Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Disco
  23. Eminem - Not Afraid
  24. Usher Feat Will I Am - OMG
  25. Edward Maya Feat Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love
  26. The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die
  27. David Guetta Feat Kid Cudi - Memories
  28. Lady Gaga - Alejandro
  29. Lady Gaga Feat Beyonce - Telephone
  30. Rihanna - Te Amo
  31. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
  32. Katy Perry Ft Snoop Dogg - California Gurls
  33. B.O.B. Ft Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You
  34. Kelly Rowland Ft David Guetta - Commander
  35. Yolanda B Cool & D Cup - We No Speak Americano
  36. Inna - Hot
  37. Example - Kickstarts
  38. Swedish House Mafia Ft Pharrell - One
  39. Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body
  40. Kelis - Acapella
  41. Eminem Feat Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie
  42. Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang
  43. Drake - Over
  44. Groove Armada feat. Will Young - History
  45. The Wombats - Tokyo Vampires and Wolves
  46. Magnetic Man - I Need Air
  47. Muse - Neutron Star Collision
  48. Take That - The Flood
  49. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me
  50. Alexa Goddard - Turn My Swag On

How Do Computers Affect Your Eyesight

Whilst catching up with news from the Internet, I've come across this informative video about how computers and digital devices affect your eyesight.

It's surprising and made me realise how quickly hours add up each day, for example 2 hours on the iPad, 8 hours on a work computer, 3 hours on the phone have added up to 13 hours on screen time per day, not to mention Watching TV.

(via vspmedia)

Put Your Hands Up For Moodle - The Official Music Video

dawnofthunder have launched the highly anticipated Official Music Video for Moodle and I'm sure you'll agree it's quite amusing.

Leeds City College Moodle Goes Pink

For 1 day only, the Leeds City College Moodle has gone pink.

Nope, it's not a a way for us to get in touch with our feminine side, we're actually raising awareness for "Wear it Pink" to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Stop on by and feel free to leave me any feedback, also don't forget to donate over at the Wear it Pink website.

Leeds City College Moodle

Google Mail: Only push specific emails to your iPhone

I've been using Gmail for years now, pretty much since they launched back in (2004) and love it.  I've had my iPhone for a couple of years and and was excited when Google launched the Google Sync for mobile devices through exchange, perfect I though, all my emails will automatically get pushed to my iPhone and it will be amazing and awesome.

Although it was Amazing and Awesome I found myself checking emails on my phone at all hours of the day and night, checking sometimes useless emails from ebay, play, BT and Amazon, emails that I do want to read just not necessarily pushed to my phone, so I've found this nifty little feature in Google Mail to achieve this.

It's called 'Skip Inbox'

Step 1, load the email that you want to 'Skip Inbox' and under More Actions click on Filter Messages like these

Step 2, On the next page, you'll see the option to 'Create a Filter'

Step 3, Click on Next Step and you will see the option to Skip Inbox, check this. also for added convenience create and apply a new label called 'SkipInbox' so all skipped emails have the label assigned to it. Then click create filter.

You're all done, all new skipped emails can be read with the label SkipInbox and won't be pushed to your phone.

The good thing about this is that if you still want to read the Skipped emails on your phone you still can, just go to the label in your email app and viola!

Moodle User Group 6th October 2010

Sheffield was the venue for the 1st JISC RSC YH Moodle User Group off the season, and what a way to kick off the new academic year with a little road trip for myself and @lewiscarr.

The Moodle User Group was hosted by Sheffield College and it was nice to see so many familiar faces back again. 

As usual at the Moodle User Group we always start off with a show and tell where users and show off and even ask for support within the community.

Over the summer we have done so much, new Moodle, New Theme etc. and it's always was nice when we have good feedback.

Overall it was a good day, catching up with people and see what else is out there in the moodlesphere!

Here is a link to the all the tweets of the event

Leeds City College Library Induction Video 2010/2011

We've just fnished editing the latest Leeds City College Library Induction Video for students.

I can't take whole credit for it as editing was left to John Maskrey in our eLearning Team.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

A big thanks to all Students and Staff to took part in the video, we couldn't have done it without you.

10 things Moodle Admins have to put up with

1. Users whose mind goes blank as soon as you show them the Choose/Upload Window "Can you just show me that again, slooooowly?"

2. Users who "Pretend" to "listen" in training then email you asking questions you covered in the training.

3. Users who can't seem to log into Moodle, but they have no problems logging into there Computer, Facebook, Ebay, YouTube, Hotmail, Work Email, Amazon, but Moodle, no chance.

4. Constant emails and telephone calls, "how do you...". "you showed me that yesterday, but how do I?" "can you just quickly show me..."

5. Random emails just saying "Can't get Moodle" "Can you tell me the full address of the website your on?" "yep it's, I just tried again, I still can't log in"

6. Constant requests to update their course, "erm I know yesterday I wanted this unit called English, but it now needs to be called Maths"

7. Stuff that's got nothing to do with Moodle "Oh, your good with Computers, can you just get rid of this virus for me and while you doing that, I keep getting these odd pop ups asking me to buy stuff, infact can you make my C Drive bigger too?"

8. Issues that are related to the users computer not Moodle,  "Trust me, there's nothing wrong with your account" "Well on MY perfect, virus free computer it doesn't work!!"

9. Spelling Mistakes, OK we're not always perfect however users don't look at how amazing a Moodle course is but will email or call you straight away to tell notify you that you spelt something wrong!

10. User Error "Are you sure you've clicked on Turn Editing On?" "Yes! of course I'm sure, how dare you insult me!, oh wait..... do you mean the Turn Editing On button?"

Add yours to the comments....

Importing Blackboard courses into Moodle

So this week so far has been a pretty busy one, myself and Lewis have been transferring Blackboard courses into Moodle and it got me thinking about what what we actually went through.

We had about 75 courses to transfer which varied from a few kb right upto 800mb.

Firstly I wanted to see if it was feasible to manually transfer the content by having both Moodle and Blackboard open, saving a file from Blackboard and uploading it to Moodle and an average sized course took me about an hour keeping to the Leeds City College course standard, but a huge Blackboard course took about 4 hours!

Getting sick of downloading and uploading we decided to import the courses using Moodles own course import. This would take us anything between 2 minutes to 15 minutes to export, download and import a Blackboard Course into Moodle, a huge time difference. This was the way we ended up transferring all courses, which we managed to complete in 1 day!

Next, Blackboard courses seem to be programmed to look awful in anything other than Blackboard, adding strange section headings, so we had a bit of a tidy up todo, adding headers, fixing labels, checking links to documents. This took about a day, not bad considering.

And finally, creating and assigning users, luckily Moodle is awesome at this, I spent quite a bit of time creating a spreadsheet with all the new users (and some existing) all the courses they required access to, assigning the correct login Auth and assigning them as Role 3 (Teacher). Once that was done, Moodle took in the CSV file like a dream, and it was another job well done!

Plus it's only Wednesday.

Looking back I think we did this project as best we could have considering the time scale, it just took a lot of Blood, Sweat, Coffee and a bit of Google Docs.

Year 2000 Flashback

So it's Saturday the 7th and I awake to remember one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had. I dreamt that I had gone to sleep and woken up in the year 2000 - exactly 10 years ago. (Maybe an after-shock of watching Inception) - Now being no stranger to sci-fi and time travel, I do what anyone else in my position would do, Freak out, then buy a Lottery ticket.

My initial reaction is to reach for my iPhone and check Twitter, something I now do every morning but feeling a bit let down when I realised I have a Nokia 3210, no colour screen let alone Internet and going on from that, I remember that Twitter, Facebook and Youtube hasn't even been invented yet!

This made me realise how much we've actually come along within the past 10 years, and I woke to realise how lost I would be without the technology of 2010.

Internet was awesome, but it sure was so slow, I was still on dial up with Pipex Internet and I used to think it was acceptable, well it was at the time.

Yahoo was the future, well sometimes Altavista which still runs.

It was all about Netscape Navigator.

My email was with Yahoo, and it still is, with the same account (Somethings never change)

I don't actually remember any Social Networking websites apart from Friends Reunited which was all the rage back then, but you had to pay.

My desktop computer was a old Celeron processor (was old at the time) with a 15" CRT screen, My iPhone is now more powerful.

My digital camera, yes I did have an HP 2.3mp digital camera, most people couldn't believe that I could take 100 pictures on the lowest quality.

Windows 98 or Windows 2000 was what we had, pretty lame now but it worked then, most of the time.

It's scary to think how technology will affect us by the year 2020, let's hope that we've got flying cars and Jaws 19 is awesome.

Moodle "Choose a File" Window Size Fix

One of the most frustrating things about Moodle is the popup window that opens when a tutor uploads a file.  Not only does it open in a small window but it often crops of the side of the screen with the "choose" option.
Many tutors then miss out this vital step of clicking choose and often click the filename, opening the file instead.

So we set about trying to find the code in Moodle which changes the size of the popup window (by default this is set to 750px x 500px.

To change this to something larger simply navigate to the page lib/form/choosecoursefile.php
And around line 24 change the variables to the following:

var $_options = array('courseid'=>null,'height'=>500, 'width'=>1000, 'options'=>'none');

Now when this window is opened it is large enough to see the file name and the actions.

My Own URL Shortener with

I've been tinkering with the idea of having my own URL Shortener for a while now but didn't really know how to go about it, or even know what domain I want. 

Firstly, I need a domain, something relevant and snappy and I came across - as the .co top level domains were only released recently I was lucky to get my surname.

OK, I've got my domain, now what?

I've always used and loved in the past and so I applied to become a member. I was hoping that this wouldn't take too long, well surprisingly it only took about a week.

Once approved by it literally took about 10 minutes to set up, I had to change my domain A record to point to ( once that was done I had to configure my account to link to my new domain.

I was surprised at how it automatically worked even with twitterfeed and Tweetdeck as they were already configured with my API key.

A simple enough process for anyone wanting their own URL Shortener.

Moodle Task List

I've just finished importing Moodle Task list into the new Leeds City College Moodle and realised I haven't actually blogged about it.

Moodle Task List is a way for us to get staff and students to do things on Moodle, without being too obtrusive. On the MyMoodle page we create a list of things the user needs to do, such as upload a photo, add their mobile number to their profile page. Once the user does this, it vanishes from the MyMoodle page.

Moodle Task List is achieved with a combination of If Else statements looking at the Moodle Log table and has been a success.  Through research we've found that, although some users are just clicking on the link to remove it, the majority of users are interested with the content that is online.

We hope to improve Moodle Task List by writing a way so that teachers can do their own tasks for their own class of students, with tasks such as "Assignment Due" etc.

Moodle Induction Video 2010/2011

I've just finished editing the new Leeds City College Moodle Induction video for the Academic Year of 2010/2011.

It's based on the same format I used for the original Park Lane College Moodle Video, but it's been updated to give it a fresher look and feel.

Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave any comments.

Info about Moodle Folders is here

How to Enable Share Buttons in Customised Blogger Themes

If like me, you have customised your Blogger theme and having difficulty enabling the new Blogger Share buttons, even after you've enabled them, then look no further.

All you need to do is add the following line of code in the HTML source of your theme :-

<b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>

this line of code will usually go underneath:-

<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>


Moodle Assignment Module Tip

As the academic year has come to an end for most Schools, Colleges and University's, it's now time to get your Moodle Course ready for next year.

Like most teachers you'll probably want to keep most of the content and assignments online as it will still be valid for next year.

Please note that if you delete a Moodle Assignment it will also delete the documents that your students have uploaded.

It's a good idea to backup your assignments or even the course as some institutions like to keep student submissions for a number of years after the course has finished.

Moodle Course Page

Since launching our Moodle back in 2007 I've always tried to make the course page as friendly and welcoming from the start, trying to make it look simple enough so that staff will start to populate it. 

Now, we're all used to seeing a default course page which looks something similar to this

It's usually totally blank with 10 sections and only the Administration block showing.  As this looks boring i've started to got the extra step to help staff to enjoy the look and feel of the course before content is even added. 

Firstly I start by adding a few blocks on the side, blocks that staff and students will find useful such as the Calender, upcoming events, Recent Activity, online users and not forgetting the most important block, Administration.

Once I've added the blocks, I like to finish off with a header created specificly for the course. as shown below

Now it's still a blank course but it's already starting to feel populated.  I know it means extra work but in my opinion, it's worth it.

Moodle Courses: What Teachers do & what Student's want

Social Media in the UK

Here is a nifty little video showing you how big Social Media in the UK actually is.  It's been done by SimplyZesty who are an online PR and Social Media company.

The Power of the MyMoodle page

After speaking to a few Moodle users at the JISC RSC YH Moodle User Group, it turns out that quite a few moodlers don't use the MyMoodle Page.

Once setup, the MyMoodle page becomes the users default homepage with access to all of their courses, Calendar, Assignments and forum posts. You can also create a sticky HTML blocks with links to prominent parts of your Moodle.

To force your users to the MyMoodle page, click on Administration > Appearance > MyMoodle then tick the box that forces all users to the MyMoodle Page.

Give it a go, you never know, you might even like it.

Moodle Word Censorship Fix

We've found out that any words in Moodle that have been added to the "Bad Words" list actually shows the word in the alt text when a user moves their mouse over it.

to fix this you have to edit the following file


around line 36 replace this code
 $words[ ] = new filterobject($badword, '', '',
with this:
 $words[ ] = new filterobject($badword, '', '',
The ALT text now reads the word "censored" rather than displaying the offending word you tried to remove in the first place.

Via (Lewis Carr)

Facetime by Apple

So it's been over a month now since the iPhone 4 was released and I've had a chance use apple's new 1 click video calling system, FaceTime.

Whilst on a standard voice call to another iPhone 4 user simply click on the "FaceTime" button or find the contact and click "FaceTime" and prepare to be amazed, well as long as you both have access to Wireless Internet.

I've used FaceTime a few times now and the more I use it the more I seem to be impressed by the quality of the video and even the video/audio sync, don't get me wrong, FaceTime is by no means amazing quality but it's more than enough for a video chat.

What I like about FaceTime is that, not only is it free as it currently only runs over the wireless network, it is global so any 2 people anywhere in the world can now video chat for free on their phone without a computer.

I remember watching Steve Jobs iPhone 4 keynote where he pledged to make FaceTime an open standard allowing other companies to develop around it and I welcome the day when FaceTime will be integrated into iPads, iPod Touch's, non Apple Mobile Phones and even home landlines.

If you've got an iPhone 4 and not yet had a chance to use FaceTime, go do it!

Touch Gesture Reference Guide

Here's a awesome Touch Gesture Reference Guide by LukeW.

It shows you some of the basic features of using a Touch Screen, it's worth a download if your a users of a touch screen device

Download PDF here


JISC Event : Using Digital Media

On Tuesday July 20th I attended a JISC Digital Media Event at Leeds University hosted by Zak Mensah.  The event was based around how to improve the design of presentation of resources, how digital media can be used to enhance learning material and be successfully embedded into the VLE.

Throughout the day we covered various topics such as templates for Powerpoints, RSS feeds, using screen capture software, video compression and codecs, Copyright and IPR.

Overall, I thought the day was a success but couldn't help feeling that I didn't get much out of the day as I would have liked to; as I like to think that we are pretty clued up in terms of Digital Media (Without trying to sound big headed).  Maybe JISC will be running an advanced session covering more Digital Media technologies?

- Leeds University great location for hosting events
- Zak Mensah, great trainer and he certainly knows his stuff.
- Link to all Tweets from the event

Editing the Moodle FLV Player

As we've recently updated the Leeds City College Moodle to 1.9.9 we've had to re-do some of the tweaks to the Flash Video Player we had previously done.

As Moodle uses the JW Player, we updated this to the latest version and included subtitles. In order to do this, you need to find the location of the file which displays the video player, this is located -


within the file you need locate the section which starts

 "resourcecontent resourceflv"

Within this section you can add the code to load subtitles and to show an image when the video isn't playing.

Introducing Moodle Leeds City College

Introducing Moodle Leeds City College.  We've been working hard to bring together a brand new Moodle for the recently merged college, Leeds City College.

The Leeds City College Moodle has had a full redesign from the top, incorporating some the best features of our previous theme and adding more dynamic features.

My Moodle Page - This has been totally overhauled with new features such as Moodle Folders and a Profile Block created by Lewis Carr

The Top Menu - to be honest we quite liked the original top menu and from staff and student feedback it was popular amongst our Moodle users too, so we wanted a way to incorporate these existing features and bring them up-to-date and I think we've managed to do this.



With the new menu, the Customise, search and quick links have been collapsed into small funky icons within the menu bar, these also run a lot smoother and quick than the previous version.  A new feature we've also added is the new news ticker which will automatically pull in content from the front page news forum allowing all users to keep up-to date with news.

Feel free to have a look around, and I welcome any feedback, good or bad.

Social Media: Are You Ready Conference #Learnpod10

On Wednesday 30th July I attented the Social Media: Are you ready Podcamp at the Hub, Doncaster College.  The UnConference is based around Social media and how it can be used in an educational environment.

The opening keynote speech was by @ChrisBrogan who gave and insightful and informative talk about how social media has changed our lives.  One of the memorable statements by Chris was "we now follow the online users, rather than brining them back to our website" and this is true of the case with Facebook and Twitter.

After the keynote we proceeded into separate break out rooms where we explored the keynote and other aspects further.

Overall I thought the day was a great success and look forward to any further events that Chris will be hosting in the UK.

- The Hub at Doncaster College is a cool building
- Chris Brogan is a Huge Vanilla Ice Fan
- Everyone at the conference had in some shape or form an Apple Product.
- Lunch provided was amazing (Sorry no pictures, I was too busy eating)
- Official Photos of the event here

Text Wall by @xlearn

At Leeds City College we've recently purchased a couple of licences to xLearn Text Wall Service.  The service allows users to text a password protected webpage where they can ask questions, suggestions, help etc.  This is a fantastic way to engage with learners in a different way, getting them envolved with class discussions.  We will be using this service on our upcoming Moodle day. The price isn't bad too.

For more info check out

- Simple SMS Service
- Great Price
- Engages with learners

Introducing Moodle Folders

At Leeds City College we have quite a few members of staff who are either learning mentors, or support staff where they require access to a lot of Moodle courses to support their learners.

One of the biggest problems we have faced is staff and some students have a long My Moodle page with a list of all their courses.  We needed a way to manage this better and along came Moodle Folders.

Moodle Folders is developed by Lewis Carr (@lewiscarr) and myself (@sukhwantlota) which allows users to create their own folders on their MyMoodle page and choose their own icon.  Once they have created a folder they can then move courses into the folders.  The MyMoodle page remembers the users folders so it's a personal to them, regardless of where they use Moodle.

The above video shows how far we have progressed with Moodle Folders as it is still working-progress.  We hope it also inspires other Moodle Developers to come up with some funky MyMoodle customisations.

A new addition to my Apple Family

so it's Thursday the 27th may and According to Twitter, I'm hearing reports that people who pre-ordered the iPad are receiving them a day early. As a self confessed gadget geek I could hardly contain myself! Anyhow, it gets to 7pm and given up all hope of my new toy arriving early, the doorbell rang and my iPad landed.

My early Birthday present had arrived, a 32gb Wifi + 3G iPad.

As I already own the 1st gen iPod Touch and a iPhone 3G, this was a great addition to my Apple family.

As any self confessed gadget geek would do, is unpack it and get it set up, well after taking photos! and after I got it synced with iTunes, I got it connected to my local wifi and I've loved it ever since.

The only problem I had was making the mistake of activating my iPad before inserting my O2 sim, which I found out after, dosen't download the settings for mobile Internet.

So 5 days on, It's a dream to use, Twitter is awesome, either with Tweetdeck or the Twitter website itself. My other website which I tend to spend hours on is Google reader and even before I got the iPad I was hoping that this would give me a similar experience to a desktop computer and it kind of does. I tried to use the full desktop and play version of Google Reader but I neither gave me a good enough experience of reading my news, so I've stuck to the mobile version of Google Reader and this does the job, much better than the iPhone ever could, well because of the size of the screen.

So to sum up, the iPad is a dream to use and without a doubt this is the best gadget purchase I've ever made. No going back now!

Things I've learnt this week - 3rd May 2010

You can skate on an iPad -

How to format a Hard Drive to FAT32 so it can be read in a PS3 -

A Hung Parliament, amusing for us but a pain for politicians -

The iPad will finally go on sale in the UK on the 28th May 2010 -

This is the coolest Street Fighter video -

Things I've learnt this week - 26th April 2010

Always assume your microphone is always switched on -

Japan is awesome, it's going to send a Humanoid robot to the moon -

House M.D. is better than Lie to me

HP are going to take over the world -

The Floppy Disk is Dead? eh, I thought it went years ago -

Apple might launch the iPhone HD (4G) During the WWDC on June 7th -

Geocities lives on -

You can live without Food and Water, but I wouldn't recommend it

if you are using Groups in Moodle Forums and you send a forum message to all groups, the student's can't reply to that post, instead, they have to create a new forum post.

Apple iPad will dominate the Tablet Computer Market 

Microsoft are idiots -

Moodle Design Competition 2010

The 2nd Annual Leeds City College Moodle Design Competition has come to a close.  This is the second year where I have launched a competition to design a My Moodle Header, (a Graphic Header on top of the My Moodle Page)

I wanted to get staff and students to engage with Moodle in a much more and different way to what they have been previously used to, and overall it's been an all round positive success.

As Leeds City College is now the 3rd Largest College in the UK, I did things slightly different this year.  As it is a Moodle Design Competition I set up a course within Moodle (here) where students could upload their creations following a strict set of guidelines into an Assignment; then the eLearning & Art and Design team went through all entries to choose the 5 finalists which would be put upto the public vote (I say Public, I mean Staff and Students)

Here are the 5 Finalists Designs - The top is this years Winner - Chris Gibbs

Once it was upto the public vote, we had over 200 staff and students voting for the winner, Chris was 1st place and won a Digital Camera, 2nd Place Joel Bulsara and he won a 8gb USB Memory Stick and 3rd Place was Shazia Riaz who won a 4gb USB Memory Stick.

I plan to keep this competition running next year with hopefully bigger and better prizes.

RSC YH Moodle User Group Rundown

On Tuesday 21st April RSC YH hosted another Moodle User/Admin Group.  The venue was the very bright and modern Leeds College of Music in Leeds City Centre.

The Usergroup usually meets up 3 times per academic year to see how the Yorkshire and Humber Moodle users are getting on and share tips and ideas.  

To keep a track of the discussions taking place, I was live tweeting under the hashtag #moodleusergroup which seemed to be quite popular within the moodle tweetsphere

The Usergroup had speakers from Leeds College of Music Ruth Clark, Rob from Barnsley College, Shailesh Appukuttan from University of Huddersfield, Doncaster College for the Deaf, Louise Jakobsen from Leeds City College and Lewis Carr from Leeds City College.

You can view all the Tweets from the day here

To Recap
- Quick Link upload tool was awesome
- Demo of the Moodle4iPhone Project
- Xerte is a bit of a pain to install
- Book Module is very popular
- Moodle forums can auto tweet via twitterfeed
- can be customised
- Multiple upload file is sweet!
- Leeds College of Music - Awesome Venue
- Lunch was delicious
- All in All, a good day all round.

Firefox tip - how to get the menu bar back (via @c4lpt)

Here is a great firefox tip for those of you who have "accidental" removed the menu bar in firefox and didn't know how to get it back.

Hold down ALT - then press V then T then M


Keep Calm and Exterminate

An awesome WWII picture in tribute to the upcoming Doctor Who episode.

(via) - An awesome free website from your online info @FlavorsMe

Back in the year 2008 I set up a website which would pull together all my online social info into.  This was awesome for a few reasons such as it would automatically pull in my tweets, favourite youtube videos, my blog posts etc.  Although this was great for what I wanted I noticed that there was a couple of problems, firstly the site was difficult up update and customise and as it used RSS, it was a wee bit slow at fetching the info.

Now fast forward to 2010 and welcome allows anyone to create an elegant website using personal content from around the Internet.  So once you've set up your page you can choose to bring in your live data from a number of websites such as Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger, RSS, Linked in, flickr and many many more.

Not only does it handle live data well it's also fully customisable allowing users to have their own background images, choose where they want to have their links etc.

below is the demo video of

So in a word, is awesome and a perfect free tool for online savvy geeks, not to mention artists and photographers who are looking for a way to show off their work.

check out my page here

The Pinocchio Paradox

Moodle Server Weight Experiment #moodle

Scientists at Leeds City College have found out in an unusual way that the more users logged onto the College VLE Moodle, the more the Moodle server actually weighed.

The Boffins have conducted a 6 day experiment weighing the server at different times of the day with a different number of students logged on. The weight of the server without anyone logged on is 10.8kg and with 124 users it's 10.821kg which is an increase of weight of 0.021kg.

Professor Pilar Lofo from the Leeds City College Science & Research department claims that this phenomenon has which is called "digital-obesity" causes the hard drive and processor to physically expand in size by the occurrence of digital data shifting from one sector of the hard drive to another.

Further on from the phenomenon the scientists also conclude that the Moodle Server spikes in weight when students upload assignments and reply to forum posts.

I suppose we better get the Moodle server secured for the future!

How to add multimedia in to a Moodle Choice (via @moodlefairy)

Here is a great little video by @moodlefairy showing how you anyone can easily and simply add videos, sounds and images in a Moodle Choice.

Trance Music at the turn of the century

The Late 90s and early 00s was an era for trance music, emerging artists, unique styles, uplifting and energetic music.  This is a blog post showcasing some of my favourite music from the turn of the century, with a few classics thrown in for good measure!.  So get your glow sticks out, this is going to be an all night rave!

01 - Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel
02 - York - The Awakening
03 - Paul Van Dyk vs JPS - Found An Angel
04 - Gouryella - Gouryella
05 - ATB - 9pm 'till I Come (Signum)
06 - Paul Van Dyk - Tell Me Why (The Riddle)
07 - Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
08 - Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
09 - Agnelli & Nelson - El Nino
10 - Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall
11 - Atlantis - Fiji
12 - BT - Flaming June
13 - Camrisa - Let me Show You
14 - Chicaine - Saltwater
15 - DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima
16 - E'Voke - Arms of Loren (Steinway Mix)
17 - Storm - Storm
18 - Ralph Fridge - Angel
19 - Robert Miles - Fable
20 - Varacotcha - Carte Blanche
21 - Tin Tin Out - Strings For Yasmin
22 - System F - Cry
23 - System F - Out Of The Blue
24 - Shades Of Rhythm - Sounds Of Eden
25 - Pulse - Lover That You Are
26 - Light Force - Join Me
27 - Faithless - Insomnia
28 - Felix - Don't You Want Me
29 - Members of Mayday - 10 in 01 [PVD Club Mix]
30 - Mario Pui' Pres. DJ Arabesque - The Vision
31 - Lost Witness - Happiness Happening
32 - Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Vocal Remix)
33 - Southside Spinners - Luvstruck
34 - Vincent De Moor - Fly Away
35 - Tillmann Uhrmacher - On the run
36 - N-Joy - Anthem
37 - Mauro Picotto - Lizard
38 - Johnny Shaker - Pearl River
39 - Grace - Not Over Yet
40 - Paul Okenfold - Elemant Four - Big Brother theme
41 - Divine Inspiration - Let Me Show You The Way
42 - DJ Taucher - Winter Love
43 - CRW ft. Verionika - Like A Cat

Time Travel Success


Why Old School is one of my favourite comedy movie

1. Awesome script, some of the funniest lines I've ever heard.

2. Awesome Soundtrack, Whitesnake!(Full List of songs here)

3. Snoop a loop, Snoop Dogg makes an awesome cameo role rapping at a
party, totally unexpected, totally brilliant.

4. Will Ferrell, slightly crazy and struggling with married life. The
film wouldn't be the same without him, especially on fire jumping
through a hoop.

5. Speaker City, What an amazing chain of shops owned by Vince Vaughan,
everything from beepers to DVD players!

6. Joesph 'Blue' Polaski -- your my boy blue, awesome role by an army
veteran.  Unfortunately Blue lost his life whilst about to wrestle 2 female
students in Jello!

7. Fraternity, we don't really have Fraternity's in England but if we did I would totally want to be in theirs!

8. They're good at paper work, don't mess with lawyers, they know how to talk, find loopholes and do paperwork.

9. A geek we all love to hate, Dean Peitchard is the one no one liked at school and is trying to get revenge.

10. Seann William Scott, Peppers The Animal Guy......

If you haven't yet seen the Movie Old School, i'd give it a go.

Xerte Online Toolkits, it's powerful and it's free

On Tuesday 2nd March I went to a RSC YH organised event at Thomas Rotherham College called Learning Technologists' Forum and the highlight of the event was Patrick Lockley from Nottingham University who is one of the developers on Xerte.  I've always found that the best sales person is the person who created the product and this was certainly the case.  

Patrick spoke for about 1 hour 30 mins giving demos of what Xerte is capable of, showing the different page views, the design view, administrator views and also how they integrate with flicker, twitter and other social web2 sites.

Xerte Online Toolkits can then be exported in many different ways,  Scorm, which is perfect for Moodle courses as this will then be graded.  Link to the online resource and a Zipped file.

As a content developer I've looked at Xerte before but never understood the power behind the interface and truly what it is capable of, which this event certainly opened my eyes too.  I will be installing Xerte Online Toolkits locally to see if it is justifiable enough to install on a college wide system giving teachers access to create their own learning resources (With Training!).

Stay Tuned.

Useful Links
Xerte Online Toolkits Demo of all pages -

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Almost everything on TV is filmed on a Green Screen

You'll never see another TV show in the same way!  I was pretty amazed at how much TV was filmed on Green Screen, the Ugly Betty was a real eye opener.

My Favourite TED Talks

Here are some of my favourite and inspirational TED Talks, I will be updating this post as I like more Ted Talks.

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation

Jamie Oliver : Teach every child about food

Eric Giler demos wireless electricity

Why not to be afraid of a long Moodle course?

I always seem to find that teachers are scared of long Moodle courses, they always want everything in a separate unit or a hidden section.  Well unless they use it as a repository, then teachers are usually happy to have a long list of Word and Powerpoint documents!

Now don't get me wrong, you need to make sure you know the difference between a long Moodle course and death by scrolling which I'm sure the Core Moodle developers took into consideration when they restricted the total amount of topics in a Moodle course to 52.

Here are 4 of reasons why there is nothing wrong with a long Moodle course.

1. The Mouse has a stroller for a reason, (the scrolly thing between the left and right mouse button) don't be afraid to use it.  Imagine if Amazon, ebay or didn't have a long list of items. would you still browse and buy?

2. Long courses are awesome, however you don't want to confuse your learners by having everything in one very long boring list, try breaking up your course with Topics, Headings, Lables, Images and Videos.

3. Show your learners how to use the the topic show/hide button with the drop down list of all the units.  This is core to Moodle and should be used by everyone.

4. Don't be afraid of letting your learners scroll, after all they are the Facebook generation they're used it.