5 tips to enhance your Moodle course

Looking to enhance your Moodle course, is it looking drab? Here are a few simple tips that make your course shine.

1. Always use a heading for each topic
never under-estimate how important a heading for each topic/section is. It gives clarity and helps break the course up making it easier to digest. Not to mention easier to find what you’re after.

2. Contextualise is key
it’s all well and good uploading word documents and PowerPoint’s but do your students really know what’s what? It’s almost the same as buying a tin can without a label on; you don’t know what’s inside! Get these documents labelled to help your students find what they are looking for.

3. Use images to enhance visual learning
When developing your course always think about how the end user will perceive it. The last thing you need is to scare your students off before they have even had a chance to read your content.

4. Use the Choice Module for instant feedback
One of the things that we have learnt with our Moodle install is that we need student’s feedback, whether that is in the form of forums, questionnaires or a choices. I’ve always found the choice Module perfect for quick and easy feedback. So much so that quite a few of my courses have a “did you like this section” choice for feedback, it also helps in my design process knowing what students like/dislike.

5. Webpage’s instead of word documents
Let’s face it, we all love word documents, it’s what we know, we do everything in word, from word processing to drawing. Unfortunately this does have a down side, not all students have Microsoft Word and not all mobile devices are capable of viewing word documents. If you have a word document with just text, how about copying that into a webpage within Moodle. Just like magic it’s now an online editable webpage, which is capable of being viewed on almost any device.