Why I love bit.ly

URL shortners have been a around for a while now, and not 1 has cornered the market, well until now.  Bit.ly is here and it's the most used URL shortner.

I've always been a fan of tinyurl.com purely because of it's ingenious name until I recently found out what bit.ly is capable of.  On the front of it, bit.ly is plain, simple and looks a bit boring, but as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

bit.ly is simply a url shortner, you enter your long URL address and it gives you a short one something like http://bit.ly/3d4ss.  you can customise your address so you if want to have http://bit.ly/mywebsitelink you can have it, providing it's available.

bit.ly automatically tracks your links and personally I think this is reason why it's so popular. If you have a bit.ly url you can simply add a + on the end of your link and it will show you all the stats, (http://bit.ly/3d4ss+) how many clicks, what country, when, etc.  if someone else also has a bit.ly link to the same website then this will be shown too, you will see how many clicks your link has had and how many in total, it's quite amazing looking at the amount of clicks mashable have when they have popular post.  If someone has re-tweeted your twitter post then this will be shown too, bit.ly lists every single re-tweet (a good way of keep track of your re-tweets).

The bit.ly API is quite simply awesome and easily integrates with lots of twitter clients such as my favourite’s echofon, twitterfeed and tweetdeck using your username and API key which can be found on your bit.ly profile page.

So if you are using another url shortner this would be a good time to change as bit.ly and Twitter are quite simply a match made in heaven.