Worksheets in Google Docs

If like me you like to do worksheets/handouts on how to do tasks with elearning/moodle then this is a great little tip for you.

I usually do my worksheets in Microsoft word, as it's the simplist to type, add images, bullet points and then save to PDFs and upload them to Moodle. More recently as I've started to use Google Docs and I now upload everything into my docs.

As I went to export this as a PDF I noticed a handy little feature hidden away,

This, as you would imagine downloads the document as a HTML with all the pictures tucked safely inside. The Zip file can be then simply uploaded into Moodle and unzipped with a Link to the HTML file and your away.

Doing this rather than uploading PDF is awesome for a couple of reasons,

1. It keeps it's display formatting like a Google docs.
2. Not all computers/devices are able to load PDF documents
3. Using Google docs is cool.