Why Old School is one of my favourite comedy movie

1. Awesome script, some of the funniest lines I've ever heard.

2. Awesome Soundtrack, Whitesnake!(Full List of songs here)

3. Snoop a loop, Snoop Dogg makes an awesome cameo role rapping at a
party, totally unexpected, totally brilliant.

4. Will Ferrell, slightly crazy and struggling with married life. The
film wouldn't be the same without him, especially on fire jumping
through a hoop.

5. Speaker City, What an amazing chain of shops owned by Vince Vaughan,
everything from beepers to DVD players!

6. Joesph 'Blue' Polaski -- your my boy blue, awesome role by an army
veteran.  Unfortunately Blue lost his life whilst about to wrestle 2 female
students in Jello!

7. Fraternity, we don't really have Fraternity's in England but if we did I would totally want to be in theirs!

8. They're good at paper work, don't mess with lawyers, they know how to talk, find loopholes and do paperwork.

9. A geek we all love to hate, Dean Peitchard is the one no one liked at school and is trying to get revenge.

10. Seann William Scott, Peppers The Animal Guy......

If you haven't yet seen the Movie Old School, i'd give it a go.