Xerte Online Toolkits, it's powerful and it's free

On Tuesday 2nd March I went to a RSC YH organised event at Thomas Rotherham College called Learning Technologists' Forum and the highlight of the event was Patrick Lockley from Nottingham University who is one of the developers on Xerte.  I've always found that the best sales person is the person who created the product and this was certainly the case.  

Patrick spoke for about 1 hour 30 mins giving demos of what Xerte is capable of, showing the different page views, the design view, administrator views and also how they integrate with flicker, twitter and other social web2 sites.

Xerte Online Toolkits can then be exported in many different ways,  Scorm, which is perfect for Moodle courses as this will then be graded.  Link to the online resource and a Zipped file.

As a content developer I've looked at Xerte before but never understood the power behind the interface and truly what it is capable of, which this event certainly opened my eyes too.  I will be installing Xerte Online Toolkits locally to see if it is justifiable enough to install on a college wide system giving teachers access to create their own learning resources (With Training!).

Stay Tuned.

Useful Links
Xerte Online Toolkits Demo of all pages - http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/play_560