Moodle Design Competition 2010

The 2nd Annual Leeds City College Moodle Design Competition has come to a close.  This is the second year where I have launched a competition to design a My Moodle Header, (a Graphic Header on top of the My Moodle Page)

I wanted to get staff and students to engage with Moodle in a much more and different way to what they have been previously used to, and overall it's been an all round positive success.

As Leeds City College is now the 3rd Largest College in the UK, I did things slightly different this year.  As it is a Moodle Design Competition I set up a course within Moodle (here) where students could upload their creations following a strict set of guidelines into an Assignment; then the eLearning & Art and Design team went through all entries to choose the 5 finalists which would be put upto the public vote (I say Public, I mean Staff and Students)

Here are the 5 Finalists Designs - The top is this years Winner - Chris Gibbs

Once it was upto the public vote, we had over 200 staff and students voting for the winner, Chris was 1st place and won a Digital Camera, 2nd Place Joel Bulsara and he won a 8gb USB Memory Stick and 3rd Place was Shazia Riaz who won a 4gb USB Memory Stick.

I plan to keep this competition running next year with hopefully bigger and better prizes.