Text Wall by @xlearn

At Leeds City College we've recently purchased a couple of licences to xLearn Text Wall Service.  The service allows users to text a password protected webpage where they can ask questions, suggestions, help etc.  This is a fantastic way to engage with learners in a different way, getting them envolved with class discussions.  We will be using this service on our upcoming Moodle day. The price isn't bad too.

For more info check out http://www.xlearn.co.uk/

- Simple SMS Service
- Great Price
- Engages with learners

Introducing Moodle Folders

At Leeds City College we have quite a few members of staff who are either learning mentors, or support staff where they require access to a lot of Moodle courses to support their learners.

One of the biggest problems we have faced is staff and some students have a long My Moodle page with a list of all their courses.  We needed a way to manage this better and along came Moodle Folders.

Moodle Folders is developed by Lewis Carr (@lewiscarr) and myself (@sukhwantlota) which allows users to create their own folders on their MyMoodle page and choose their own icon.  Once they have created a folder they can then move courses into the folders.  The MyMoodle page remembers the users folders so it's a personal to them, regardless of where they use Moodle.

The above video shows how far we have progressed with Moodle Folders as it is still working-progress.  We hope it also inspires other Moodle Developers to come up with some funky MyMoodle customisations.

A new addition to my Apple Family

so it's Thursday the 27th may and According to Twitter, I'm hearing reports that people who pre-ordered the iPad are receiving them a day early. As a self confessed gadget geek I could hardly contain myself! Anyhow, it gets to 7pm and given up all hope of my new toy arriving early, the doorbell rang and my iPad landed.

My early Birthday present had arrived, a 32gb Wifi + 3G iPad.

As I already own the 1st gen iPod Touch and a iPhone 3G, this was a great addition to my Apple family.

As any self confessed gadget geek would do, is unpack it and get it set up, well after taking photos! and after I got it synced with iTunes, I got it connected to my local wifi and I've loved it ever since.

The only problem I had was making the mistake of activating my iPad before inserting my O2 sim, which I found out after, dosen't download the settings for mobile Internet.

So 5 days on, It's a dream to use, Twitter is awesome, either with Tweetdeck or the Twitter website itself. My other website which I tend to spend hours on is Google reader and even before I got the iPad I was hoping that this would give me a similar experience to a desktop computer and it kind of does. I tried to use the full desktop and play version of Google Reader but I neither gave me a good enough experience of reading my news, so I've stuck to the mobile version of Google Reader and this does the job, much better than the iPhone ever could, well because of the size of the screen.

So to sum up, the iPad is a dream to use and without a doubt this is the best gadget purchase I've ever made. No going back now!