Introducing Moodle Folders

At Leeds City College we have quite a few members of staff who are either learning mentors, or support staff where they require access to a lot of Moodle courses to support their learners.

One of the biggest problems we have faced is staff and some students have a long My Moodle page with a list of all their courses.  We needed a way to manage this better and along came Moodle Folders.

Moodle Folders is developed by Lewis Carr (@lewiscarr) and myself (@sukhwantlota) which allows users to create their own folders on their MyMoodle page and choose their own icon.  Once they have created a folder they can then move courses into the folders.  The MyMoodle page remembers the users folders so it's a personal to them, regardless of where they use Moodle.

The above video shows how far we have progressed with Moodle Folders as it is still working-progress.  We hope it also inspires other Moodle Developers to come up with some funky MyMoodle customisations.