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Social Media in the UK

Here is a nifty little video showing you how big Social Media in the UK actually is.  It's been done by SimplyZesty who are an online PR and Social Media company.

The Power of the MyMoodle page

After speaking to a few Moodle users at the JISC RSC YH Moodle User Group, it turns out that quite a few moodlers don't use the MyMoodle Page.

Once setup, the MyMoodle page becomes the users default homepage with access to all of their courses, Calendar, Assignments and forum posts. You can also create a sticky HTML blocks with links to prominent parts of your Moodle.

To force your users to the MyMoodle page, click on Administration > Appearance > MyMoodle then tick the box that forces all users to the MyMoodle Page.

Give it a go, you never know, you might even like it.

Moodle Word Censorship Fix

We've found out that any words in Moodle that have been added to the "Bad Words" list actually shows the word in the alt text when a user moves their mouse over it.

to fix this you have to edit the following file


around line 36 replace this code
 $words[ ] = new filterobject($badword, '', '',
with this:
 $words[ ] = new filterobject($badword, '', '',
The ALT text now reads the word "censored" rather than displaying the offending word you tried to remove in the first place.

Via (Lewis Carr)

Facetime by Apple

So it's been over a month now since the iPhone 4 was released and I've had a chance use apple's new 1 click video calling system, FaceTime.

Whilst on a standard voice call to another iPhone 4 user simply click on the "FaceTime" button or find the contact and click "FaceTime" and prepare to be amazed, well as long as you both have access to Wireless Internet.

I've used FaceTime a few times now and the more I use it the more I seem to be impressed by the quality of the video and even the video/audio sync, don't get me wrong, FaceTime is by no means amazing quality but it's more than enough for a video chat.

What I like about FaceTime is that, not only is it free as it currently only runs over the wireless network, it is global so any 2 people anywhere in the world can now video chat for free on their phone without a computer.

I remember watching Steve Jobs iPhone 4 keynote where he pledged to make FaceTime an open standard allowing other companies to develop around it and I welcome the day when FaceTime will be integrated into iPads, iPod Touch's, non Apple Mobile Phones and even home landlines.

If you've got an iPhone 4 and not yet had a chance to use FaceTime, go do it!

Touch Gesture Reference Guide

Here's a awesome Touch Gesture Reference Guide by LukeW.

It shows you some of the basic features of using a Touch Screen, it's worth a download if your a users of a touch screen device

Download PDF here


JISC Event : Using Digital Media

On Tuesday July 20th I attended a JISC Digital Media Event at Leeds University hosted by Zak Mensah.  The event was based around how to improve the design of presentation of resources, how digital media can be used to enhance learning material and be successfully embedded into the VLE.

Throughout the day we covered various topics such as templates for Powerpoints, RSS feeds, using screen capture software, video compression and codecs, Copyright and IPR.

Overall, I thought the day was a success but couldn't help feeling that I didn't get much out of the day as I would have liked to; as I like to think that we are pretty clued up in terms of Digital Media (Without trying to sound big headed).  Maybe JISC will be running an advanced session covering more Digital Media technologies?

- Leeds University great location for hosting events
- Zak Mensah, great trainer and he certainly knows his stuff.
- Link to all Tweets from the event

Editing the Moodle FLV Player

As we've recently updated the Leeds City College Moodle to 1.9.9 we've had to re-do some of the tweaks to the Flash Video Player we had previously done.

As Moodle uses the JW Player, we updated this to the latest version and included subtitles. In order to do this, you need to find the location of the file which displays the video player, this is located -


within the file you need locate the section which starts

 "resourcecontent resourceflv"

Within this section you can add the code to load subtitles and to show an image when the video isn't playing.

Introducing Moodle Leeds City College

Introducing Moodle Leeds City College.  We've been working hard to bring together a brand new Moodle for the recently merged college, Leeds City College.

The Leeds City College Moodle has had a full redesign from the top, incorporating some the best features of our previous theme and adding more dynamic features.

My Moodle Page - This has been totally overhauled with new features such as Moodle Folders and a Profile Block created by Lewis Carr

The Top Menu - to be honest we quite liked the original top menu and from staff and student feedback it was popular amongst our Moodle users too, so we wanted a way to incorporate these existing features and bring them up-to-date and I think we've managed to do this.



With the new menu, the Customise, search and quick links have been collapsed into small funky icons within the menu bar, these also run a lot smoother and quick than the previous version.  A new feature we've also added is the new news ticker which will automatically pull in content from the front page news forum allowing all users to keep up-to date with news.

Feel free to have a look around, and I welcome any feedback, good or bad.

Social Media: Are You Ready Conference #Learnpod10

On Wednesday 30th July I attented the Social Media: Are you ready Podcamp at the Hub, Doncaster College.  The UnConference is based around Social media and how it can be used in an educational environment.

The opening keynote speech was by @ChrisBrogan who gave and insightful and informative talk about how social media has changed our lives.  One of the memorable statements by Chris was "we now follow the online users, rather than brining them back to our website" and this is true of the case with Facebook and Twitter.

After the keynote we proceeded into separate break out rooms where we explored the keynote and other aspects further.

Overall I thought the day was a great success and look forward to any further events that Chris will be hosting in the UK.

- The Hub at Doncaster College is a cool building
- Chris Brogan is a Huge Vanilla Ice Fan
- Everyone at the conference had in some shape or form an Apple Product.
- Lunch provided was amazing (Sorry no pictures, I was too busy eating)
- Official Photos of the event here