Introducing Moodle Leeds City College

Introducing Moodle Leeds City College.  We've been working hard to bring together a brand new Moodle for the recently merged college, Leeds City College.

The Leeds City College Moodle has had a full redesign from the top, incorporating some the best features of our previous theme and adding more dynamic features.

My Moodle Page - This has been totally overhauled with new features such as Moodle Folders and a Profile Block created by Lewis Carr

The Top Menu - to be honest we quite liked the original top menu and from staff and student feedback it was popular amongst our Moodle users too, so we wanted a way to incorporate these existing features and bring them up-to-date and I think we've managed to do this.



With the new menu, the Customise, search and quick links have been collapsed into small funky icons within the menu bar, these also run a lot smoother and quick than the previous version.  A new feature we've also added is the new news ticker which will automatically pull in content from the front page news forum allowing all users to keep up-to date with news.

Feel free to have a look around, and I welcome any feedback, good or bad.