JISC Event : Using Digital Media

On Tuesday July 20th I attended a JISC Digital Media Event at Leeds University hosted by Zak Mensah.  The event was based around how to improve the design of presentation of resources, how digital media can be used to enhance learning material and be successfully embedded into the VLE.

Throughout the day we covered various topics such as templates for Powerpoints, RSS feeds, using screen capture software, video compression and codecs, Copyright and IPR.

Overall, I thought the day was a success but couldn't help feeling that I didn't get much out of the day as I would have liked to; as I like to think that we are pretty clued up in terms of Digital Media (Without trying to sound big headed).  Maybe JISC will be running an advanced session covering more Digital Media technologies?

- Leeds University great location for hosting events
- Zak Mensah, great trainer and he certainly knows his stuff.
- Link to all Tweets from the event