Social Media: Are You Ready Conference #Learnpod10

On Wednesday 30th July I attented the Social Media: Are you ready Podcamp at the Hub, Doncaster College.  The UnConference is based around Social media and how it can be used in an educational environment.

The opening keynote speech was by @ChrisBrogan who gave and insightful and informative talk about how social media has changed our lives.  One of the memorable statements by Chris was "we now follow the online users, rather than brining them back to our website" and this is true of the case with Facebook and Twitter.

After the keynote we proceeded into separate break out rooms where we explored the keynote and other aspects further.

Overall I thought the day was a great success and look forward to any further events that Chris will be hosting in the UK.

- The Hub at Doncaster College is a cool building
- Chris Brogan is a Huge Vanilla Ice Fan
- Everyone at the conference had in some shape or form an Apple Product.
- Lunch provided was amazing (Sorry no pictures, I was too busy eating)
- Official Photos of the event here