Moodle Task List

I've just finished importing Moodle Task list into the new Leeds City College Moodle and realised I haven't actually blogged about it.

Moodle Task List is a way for us to get staff and students to do things on Moodle, without being too obtrusive. On the MyMoodle page we create a list of things the user needs to do, such as upload a photo, add their mobile number to their profile page. Once the user does this, it vanishes from the MyMoodle page.

Moodle Task List is achieved with a combination of If Else statements looking at the Moodle Log table and has been a success.  Through research we've found that, although some users are just clicking on the link to remove it, the majority of users are interested with the content that is online.

We hope to improve Moodle Task List by writing a way so that teachers can do their own tasks for their own class of students, with tasks such as "Assignment Due" etc.