My Own URL Shortener with

I've been tinkering with the idea of having my own URL Shortener for a while now but didn't really know how to go about it, or even know what domain I want. 

Firstly, I need a domain, something relevant and snappy and I came across - as the .co top level domains were only released recently I was lucky to get my surname.

OK, I've got my domain, now what?

I've always used and loved in the past and so I applied to become a member. I was hoping that this wouldn't take too long, well surprisingly it only took about a week.

Once approved by it literally took about 10 minutes to set up, I had to change my domain A record to point to ( once that was done I had to configure my account to link to my new domain.

I was surprised at how it automatically worked even with twitterfeed and Tweetdeck as they were already configured with my API key.

A simple enough process for anyone wanting their own URL Shortener.