Year 2000 Flashback

So it's Saturday the 7th and I awake to remember one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had. I dreamt that I had gone to sleep and woken up in the year 2000 - exactly 10 years ago. (Maybe an after-shock of watching Inception) - Now being no stranger to sci-fi and time travel, I do what anyone else in my position would do, Freak out, then buy a Lottery ticket.

My initial reaction is to reach for my iPhone and check Twitter, something I now do every morning but feeling a bit let down when I realised I have a Nokia 3210, no colour screen let alone Internet and going on from that, I remember that Twitter, Facebook and Youtube hasn't even been invented yet!

This made me realise how much we've actually come along within the past 10 years, and I woke to realise how lost I would be without the technology of 2010.

Internet was awesome, but it sure was so slow, I was still on dial up with Pipex Internet and I used to think it was acceptable, well it was at the time.

Yahoo was the future, well sometimes Altavista which still runs.

It was all about Netscape Navigator.

My email was with Yahoo, and it still is, with the same account (Somethings never change)

I don't actually remember any Social Networking websites apart from Friends Reunited which was all the rage back then, but you had to pay.

My desktop computer was a old Celeron processor (was old at the time) with a 15" CRT screen, My iPhone is now more powerful.

My digital camera, yes I did have an HP 2.3mp digital camera, most people couldn't believe that I could take 100 pictures on the lowest quality.

Windows 98 or Windows 2000 was what we had, pretty lame now but it worked then, most of the time.

It's scary to think how technology will affect us by the year 2020, let's hope that we've got flying cars and Jaws 19 is awesome.