Leeds City College Library Induction Video 2010/2011

We've just fnished editing the latest Leeds City College Library Induction Video for students.

I can't take whole credit for it as editing was left to John Maskrey in our eLearning Team.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

A big thanks to all Students and Staff to took part in the video, we couldn't have done it without you.

10 things Moodle Admins have to put up with

1. Users whose mind goes blank as soon as you show them the Choose/Upload Window "Can you just show me that again, slooooowly?"

2. Users who "Pretend" to "listen" in training then email you asking questions you covered in the training.

3. Users who can't seem to log into Moodle, but they have no problems logging into there Computer, Facebook, Ebay, YouTube, Hotmail, Work Email, Amazon, but Moodle, no chance.

4. Constant emails and telephone calls, "how do you...". "you showed me that yesterday, but how do I?" "can you just quickly show me..."

5. Random emails just saying "Can't get Moodle" "Can you tell me the full address of the website your on?" "yep it's http://www.mooodle.org, I just tried again, I still can't log in"

6. Constant requests to update their course, "erm I know yesterday I wanted this unit called English, but it now needs to be called Maths"

7. Stuff that's got nothing to do with Moodle "Oh, your good with Computers, can you just get rid of this virus for me and while you doing that, I keep getting these odd pop ups asking me to buy stuff, infact can you make my C Drive bigger too?"

8. Issues that are related to the users computer not Moodle,  "Trust me, there's nothing wrong with your account" "Well on MY perfect, virus free computer it doesn't work!!"

9. Spelling Mistakes, OK we're not always perfect however users don't look at how amazing a Moodle course is but will email or call you straight away to tell notify you that you spelt something wrong!

10. User Error "Are you sure you've clicked on Turn Editing On?" "Yes! of course I'm sure, how dare you insult me!, oh wait..... do you mean the Turn Editing On button?"

Add yours to the comments....

Importing Blackboard courses into Moodle

So this week so far has been a pretty busy one, myself and Lewis have been transferring Blackboard courses into Moodle and it got me thinking about what what we actually went through.

We had about 75 courses to transfer which varied from a few kb right upto 800mb.

Firstly I wanted to see if it was feasible to manually transfer the content by having both Moodle and Blackboard open, saving a file from Blackboard and uploading it to Moodle and an average sized course took me about an hour keeping to the Leeds City College course standard, but a huge Blackboard course took about 4 hours!

Getting sick of downloading and uploading we decided to import the courses using Moodles own course import. This would take us anything between 2 minutes to 15 minutes to export, download and import a Blackboard Course into Moodle, a huge time difference. This was the way we ended up transferring all courses, which we managed to complete in 1 day!

Next, Blackboard courses seem to be programmed to look awful in anything other than Blackboard, adding strange section headings, so we had a bit of a tidy up todo, adding headers, fixing labels, checking links to documents. This took about a day, not bad considering.

And finally, creating and assigning users, luckily Moodle is awesome at this, I spent quite a bit of time creating a spreadsheet with all the new users (and some existing) all the courses they required access to, assigning the correct login Auth and assigning them as Role 3 (Teacher). Once that was done, Moodle took in the CSV file like a dream, and it was another job well done!

Plus it's only Wednesday.

Looking back I think we did this project as best we could have considering the time scale, it just took a lot of Blood, Sweat, Coffee and a bit of Google Docs.