Google Mail: Only push specific emails to your iPhone

I've been using Gmail for years now, pretty much since they launched back in (2004) and love it.  I've had my iPhone for a couple of years and and was excited when Google launched the Google Sync for mobile devices through exchange, perfect I though, all my emails will automatically get pushed to my iPhone and it will be amazing and awesome.

Although it was Amazing and Awesome I found myself checking emails on my phone at all hours of the day and night, checking sometimes useless emails from ebay, play, BT and Amazon, emails that I do want to read just not necessarily pushed to my phone, so I've found this nifty little feature in Google Mail to achieve this.

It's called 'Skip Inbox'

Step 1, load the email that you want to 'Skip Inbox' and under More Actions click on Filter Messages like these

Step 2, On the next page, you'll see the option to 'Create a Filter'

Step 3, Click on Next Step and you will see the option to Skip Inbox, check this. also for added convenience create and apply a new label called 'SkipInbox' so all skipped emails have the label assigned to it. Then click create filter.

You're all done, all new skipped emails can be read with the label SkipInbox and won't be pushed to your phone.

The good thing about this is that if you still want to read the Skipped emails on your phone you still can, just go to the label in your email app and viola!