Goodbye 2010, It was fun while it lasted.. Welcome 2011

So 2010 has been and gone, it was fun while it lasted but like all good things, it must come to an end.  It's been full of highs and lows but I'm grateful for being around for another year.

Lets see what 2011 brings, more joys and laughter, more gadgets and toys and more food and drink.

Here are some personal stats of the year gone by :-

  • - I've seen 149 Movies, for a full list click here.
  • - I liked 50 Songs, for a full list click here.
  • - I've written 61 Blog Posts of which 25 posts where about Moodle.
  • - I've been to the Cinema 11 times and seen 7 Blu Ray Movies.
  • - I've Increased my Google Docs usage by 100%, almost totally living in the cloud.
  • - My Blog has had 4922 hits with 10276 Page views from 105 different countries.
  • - My Blog has been redesigned twice.
  • - My most popular blog post was "How to access the new Sky+HD EPG Installer Menu" with 775 Pageviews.
  • - My most popular Moodle post was "5 tips to enhance your Moodle course" with 683 pageviews.
  •  - The most common Google Search which lead to my blog was "keep calm and exterminate" which linked to a Doctor Who post.
Have a wonderful 2011 and a Happy New Year