Moodle Questionnaire Module

This is an update of my previous Blog Post: Why I Love the Moodle Questionnaire module

The Moodle Questionnaire Module has been updated and I can confirm that it has had some much needed updates, it's now much more intuitive to use and it feels like a core Moodle module rather than a 3rd party add-on.

The settings and results have now been incorporated into the standard Moodle tabs, again helping with the unified Moodle look and feel.

The layout of the questions have also been updated, now giving a fresh and clear view to the end user.

The questions page has also been updated, now making its simple to move, edit and update questions.

Tutors can now choose to grade the questionnaire, this can be enabled in the settings page.

If you haven't got the Questionnaire Module on your Moodle you can download it from here