Passwords after holidays……

Wednesday, January 05, 2011 Sukhwant Lota 0 Comments

It can’t be just me can it? Am I the only person who remembers my entire list of computer passwords during the holidays? It seems so, well as far as our Moodle stats are concerned.  Over 400 password resets during the 2 weeks the college was closed, which isn’t much considering the amount of user that users that use Moodle everyday, but it's still 400 users, not counting students who have asked their password to be reset since returning to college which is about 50 per day.

I do understand that not everyone is a geek like me and that systems like, college email and Moodle might not be important as their own personal email, facebook, Amazon etc. but surely it can’t be that difficult to remember a few passwords, can it? After all I have to do it everyday.