10 iPhone/iPad apps I can't live without

As mobile devices are getting increasingly popular I thought it was a good time to show you my 10 iOS apps I can't live without.

1. Logmein Ignition (iPhone/iPad) £17.99 - I've been using Logmein long before I've had an iPhone or iPad and this app is just short of magic, in fact its the only app that's never crashed on me.  It allows you to remotely access your home PC or Mac.  This works like a dream over 3G and Wi-Fi, even faster if its on the same internal network.  Its a bit expensive and I had to think twice before making this purchase but its worth it just for the gesture control alone to quickly pull up and hide the keyboard (Apple could learn a thing or two from Logmein) 

2. Air Video (iPhone/iPad) £1.79 - This is one of the first apps I bought for the iPad, it seamlessly allows you to stream pretty much any video format from a computer to your iOS device on the same network. You also have advanced options to convert videos before you stream or if your computer can handle the processing power, you can do a live convert and stream.

3. Echofon Pro for Twitter (iPhone/iPad) £2.99 - This is the only Twitter app I really enjoy using, and I've tested quite a few.  This nifty little app is ridiculously intuitive, and has gone with the flow and even evolved with Twitter, regularly adding core twitter features, lists, local trends etc....  One of the best features of echofon is that it can sync your read tweets so you don't have to re-read your tweets if you use multiple devices, not to mention having the ability to mute people you follow. Spot on!

4. Runkeeper Pro (iPhone) Free - This little beauty has been free since January and is a must for anyone who enjoys running.  One of the key features I like about this app is how simple it is to use, simply press start and it will automatically play your saved music playlist, track your location via GPS and feed you audio queues every 5 or 10 minutes informing you of key information. I have to say this this app has filled my quest for tracking exercise perfectly and giving you a nice web based interface to play with too. Could I ask for any more, for free?

5. Flixter (iPhone/iPad) Free - this app is a must for film and cinema lovers alike, it  gives you local cinema listings, movie trailers and much much more.  Gone of the days of checking each cinema website individually, everything is now under one roof and works like a dream.

6. Reeder (iPhone/iPad) £1.79 - This app is a must for any Google Reader users, I've never been too keen on the standard Google Reader mobile interface on iOS devices and thats where this app comes into its own.  It's simple interface takes advantage of the touch screen, giving users the ability to swipe to read, like and star items which then automatically sync back to your Google reader account.

7. Units (iPhone) free - A nifty app to convert units, its simple and works.

 8. Blogpress (iPhone/iPad) £1.79 - A great blogging tool which allows you to publish blog posts on the fly.  Its compatible with numorous blogging websites, blogger, wordpress etc and is simple to use.  You can even upload your photos to your picassa web album. I've used this app for quite a few posts on my blog.

9. Live Traffic Info (iPhone) Free - A very simple app which shows you a feed of any traffic problems on the UK Motorway Network.  I dont use this app often but its proven to be invaluble when I have travelled.

10. IMDB (iPhone/iPad) Free - One of the oldest websites on the internet continues to evolve with their iOS app.  its simple to use, fast and quite slick too, making it a dream to view information on Movies and Films.