Moodle Show/Hide button explained

We constantly get a lot of students asking why their course content has vanished.  In this case I have created a simple screen shot expanding the Moodle Show/Hide process.

it really is that simple, honest!

Moodle Moot UK 2011 #mootuk11

Moodle Moot UK 2011 has begun at the ULCC in London and for reasons out of my control I'm unable to attend this year, but here's what I've learnt thanks to the #mootuk11 Twitter feed. (here)

1. Moodle is now being released every 6 months
2. An official Moodle iOS app is in development (later android) which will also work off-line. this will be available in Moodle 2.1.
3. Moodle 2.1 due to be released in June 2011
4. Better Docs, more paid staff to maintain this area.
5. @moodle_dan asked if we could have a 'like' style system for resources/activities etc?
6. Blackboard is under offer -
7. Microsoft use Moodle for training and development.
8. UK has been overtaken by Brazil in number of Moodle sites

I hope all the attendees had a great time and I'll be planning on attending next year, work permitting!

Breaking News: Twitter offers to buy Moodle @moodler

Twitter, the social network that we all know and love has put in an bid to purchase Moodle from Martin Dougiamas, they are believed to be re-branding and re-launching Moodle as 'Moodler'.

Below is a screen shot of how 'Moodler' might look

A spokesperson for Twitter has confirmed that they have spoken to Mr Dougiamas regarding the Purchase of the Virtual Learning Environment for an undisclosed amount, the deal is to include Martin's personal twitter account @moodler

Mr Dougiamas has declined the sale of Moodle on the grounds that twitter would also want his twitter account @moodler back

Professor Pilar Lofo from the Leeds City College Virtual Learning & Business committee has gone on the record stating that it would be disastrous if Moodle was sold to twitter as users would spend all day checking tweets and not actually getting any work done.

Would you mind if you could check your tweets and assignments at the same time? Justin Beiber would agree.