10 Reasons to upgrade to #Moodle 2

As we've just been given the go ahead to upgrade to Moodle 2, I've created a handy little poster which outlines 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Moodle 2.  There are a lot more than 10 reasons to upgrade but these are just the ones I found important.

If you are on a mobile device, click here to view a text only format.

Is Social Media Ruining Students? [Infographic]

#Moodle Password Resets

At Leeds City College we are no stranger to resetting passwords for students and sometimes staff who have forgotten them and just looking at some statistics has reviled some surprising numbers.

Since January 2011 we have reset 1686 user passwords
most of these have been due to users forgetting their LDAP password.

Now considering we have over 20,000 active users this isn't really a huge number but still 1686 password resets is a lot of edit profiles for any institution.

My Top 8 Favourite Desktop Wallpapers

1. Superman by Ahmed Chergaoui

2. Blend HD by freakyframes

3. Blend by freakyframes

4. Paul Smith by gtmini

5. Rainbow Rain by Unil Chan

6. Retro Wooden Wall by kano98

7. Blah by freakyframes

8. Dark Wood by Anowia

Sitting is Killing You

Here's a handy little infographic on how Sitting is Killing you, it actually makes you think how much you actually sit down all day with work, car and watching TV etc.

(Via dailyinfographic.com)