My first week with #Moodle 2

So I've been using Moodle 2 for about a week in a live environment at Leeds City College and here are some thoughts.

Assigning Child and Meta courses are totally different, there is no longer a "Child Course" link in the Admin menu, you now have to goto Admin > Users > Enrolment Methods and add a course link.  Finding a a course to link too has also changed, it's all in 1 long drop down list odd at first but once you get used to it, you'll see that it's actually faster and easier than the previous method

I miss the Related Courses block, I'm not sure if the 1.9x version is compatible with Moodle 2.x yet, I'll have to investigate. (On further investigation, the Related Courses Block is kind of not needed any more, you can see all relationships within the Enrolment Methods option)

All our custom pages have been successfully transferred into Moodle 2.1, this was surprisingly simple.

Changing core icons in Moodle 2 is a pain, you can't just simply right click and view location and override the file with a new one any more.  I have read that icons can be changed within CSS (This would be ideal for us) (Info Here)

I totally love the new way Moodle 2 Assigns Roles, this works like a dream.

The Settings block has grown on me, I wasn't too keen at first but you soon realise how powerful this bad boy is

I miss being able to save directly to the Moodle server course directory but I do appreciate why there is a global repository.  In Moodles defence you can set up a custom course repository just for that course where you can then drag files directly from the computer to the course.

I love the Duplicate Resource button, this will be a huge time saver for me and teaching staff, gone of the days where you have to sit there and create 30 individual assignments.

Overall I'm pleased that we've made the Jump to Moodle 2.1.  We're done, it works and all these little tweaks and niggles will no doubt get ironed out as soon as the academic year progresses.

Did I mention that we are now 100% core, everything has now been modified in the Theme. :)

Leeds City College Goes #Moodle 2

After an intense week, Moodle at Leeds City College has been upgraded from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.1.

Moodle Bar as gone and been replaced with a Twitter/Google type bar at the top of every page, we are looking to incorporating this bar into all student related systems to help unify web applications.

The theme has been completely re-written from the ground up keeping to Leeds design standards.  The width of the site has gone up from 900px to 960px, this surprisingly gave us much more space for content since we can now have centre blocks.

There are still a few tweaks, glitches and some functionality to be added but as we've learnt in the past, a theme is never finished, it's always work in progress.

For more technical information regarding the upgrade process, check out Lewis Carr's Blog here

Also, don't forget to pop by and let us know what you think here