Moodle 2 Notes

Here are some notes whilst using Moodle 2 regarding the Feedback module and Embedded Videos.

The Feedback module rocks! it's so much better than the questionnaire module, which was full of bugs.  Creating surveys is now a breeze especially with the import/export feature.  I've actually saved about 2 hours (creating 10 surveys) with the ability to import/export and duplicate resources. 

Videos embedded within the book module were broken in Moodle 2.  As Moodle 2 no longer uses Longtails JW player this has killed about 2000 embedded videos within courses.  To fix this I copied the flash player back into the filters folder on the Moodle server and as the .flv files had copied over with the upgrade (legacy files) you could still link directly to them. Win!

Below is a copy of the code I've used to embed videos into webpages, lables and books.


<your moodle>/filter/flvplayer/player.swf"
<your moodle>/file.php/578/video67.flv"

I think it's safe to say that I'll be carrying on embedding videos into webpages, Lables and books :-)