Moodle Live Stats

Today we've launched a new public statistics page on Moodle.  This has been done as request of the management of the college who would like an easy way to view important Moodle Statistics.

The page shows live statistics such as Total Logins, Unique Logins, New Resources Added, Course Views, New Accounts Created, Forum Posts, Assignment Submissions and Messages Received and Read since the start of this academic year in September.

Eventually more and more statistics will be added to this page making it into a live dashboard, which would be quite nice given the size of Leeds City College Moodle.

Have a look for yourselves as

Real-Time with Google Analytics

Having recently activated Google Analytics for Leeds City College Moodle I was keen to try out the new Real-Time option on the new version of Analytics.

The Real Time option is a new live view of the Moodle's statistics showing exactly where everyone is and what they are doing.  It shows you how many active users are online right now, how many pageviews the site has had, top active pages, top locations and top keywords.... Pretty impressive!.

best of all... it's free.

I would recommend Google Analytics for Moodle Administrators who are keen to monitor the sites usage and statistics.