Adobe Captivate Allow Backward Movement

To enable Backward Movement within a Adobe Captivate project click on Edit > Preferences (Shift + F8) click on Quiz Settings and tick Allow Backward Movement.

Top 6 Productivity Apps for the iPad

I've started using an iPad 2 for all Moodle/Work related business and here is a run down of my favourite 6 apps that are great for work.

Bamboo Paper
Price: Free
Great handwritten note taking app, works great with a stylus or finger and has a choice of background paper styles

Price: Free
great for all sorts of notes/receipts and letters.  A great way to manage your letters and notes

Price: Free
My favourite of all remote desktop apps, it works with its own desktop client rather than windows RDP.

Price : £5.49
Great office app for the iPad. I love that this app also allows me to view and edit my Google Docs files on the go.

Dolphin Browser HD
Price: Free
This App is a great substitute for Safari, has some nifty features like gestures and download, looks good too.

Price: 60p
A very powerful note taking app, like Bamboo works great with a stylus but this also allows users to annotate of images and photos.

How Moodle Courses Work

As it's sometimes quite difficult to explain how Moodle Courses work to teachers, I've created this handy poster which explains the difference between Standard courses and Meta courses within Moodle. (Although not technically correct with the way Moodle works with Child/Meta courses) I wanted to keep this as simple as possible.

As long as I understand what is required from the teacher then it's better for all.

Click to view the full size

Moodle Tutorials with Adobe Captivate

Over the past week I've been creating some short and simple tutorials for Leeds City College Moodle.  It was important that the videos were simple to understand, short, but also long enough to get the message across.

I also decided that the tutorials would not have a voice over but would have screen bubbles which would explain key points as the video progress.

All tutorials were created using Adobe Captivate (My new favourite eLearning tool)

Below is a tutorial video on how to create a book within Moodle, it looks better in HD

Over the coming weeks I will be adding to this channel and hopefully explaining pretty much every aspect of Leeds City College Moodle.

If you would like to see more tutorials, then head on over to the Moodle Leeds youtube channel