Top 6 Productivity Apps for the iPad

I've started using an iPad 2 for all Moodle/Work related business and here is a run down of my favourite 6 apps that are great for work.

Bamboo Paper
Price: Free
Great handwritten note taking app, works great with a stylus or finger and has a choice of background paper styles

Price: Free
great for all sorts of notes/receipts and letters.  A great way to manage your letters and notes

Price: Free
My favourite of all remote desktop apps, it works with its own desktop client rather than windows RDP.

Price : £5.49
Great office app for the iPad. I love that this app also allows me to view and edit my Google Docs files on the go.

Dolphin Browser HD
Price: Free
This App is a great substitute for Safari, has some nifty features like gestures and download, looks good too.

Price: 60p
A very powerful note taking app, like Bamboo works great with a stylus but this also allows users to annotate of images and photos.