The MyMoodle Header

Since Launching the Park Lane and now Leeds City College Moodle the MyMoodle Page has been one of our customised pages.  One of the main customisations has been the MyMoodle header at the top of the page which is visible by 40,000 active users per month.

The MyMoodle header has been inspired by the ever changing Google logo where I would highlight key events, around the college, UK and even the world.

 The very first MyMoodle Header (2008)

In the past I've launched a competition where students are free to design a header, this has been a huge help with the engagement of some students and dramatically increased the usage of Moodle for both staff and students.  You can read more about the Moodle Design Competition here

 Wall showcase of all the MyMoodle Headers (Since 2008)

Showcasing all the MyMoodle headers have made a great way to showcase the ever changing design of Moodle.

Below are some of my favourite headers that have been on Moodle over the past 4 years

Why not create some MyMoodle headers for your Moodle see how your Moodle evolves?