Breaking News: Moodle App Store [Leaked]

Apple will swear blind that they invented it, Microsoft are catching up, even Nokia had one and finally Moodle has one, or will have one..

below are leaked images of the forthcoming Moodle App Store - Codename "Polar Foil"

A leaked screenshot of the forthcoming Moodle App Store (Polar Foil)

From the images provided by MoodleLeaks you can see that Moodle HQ are looking to combine the downloads area of Moodle and integrate this with a paid service allowing users to purchase Themes, Plug-ins and Utilities.

This does open up the conversation of how the logistics behind a Moodle App store will work, how will it integrate into millions of customised Moodle's around the world, online storage, administration, testing and much more.

However are planning to do this, it sure is exciting times ahead.