Moodle Custom User Profile Fields

Moodle has allowed the use of Custom User Profile Fields for years now, enabling Moodle Admins to add their own fields into the Edit profile page.  I've decided to try and make Moodle a bit more social by adding some custom fields for some of the popular Social networks.


These fields allow users to enter in their relevant ids for the social networks shown above.  At the moment nothing is done with this data except shown on their Moodle profile page, but the long term plan is to enable social icons throughout Moodle with links to the relevant social networks.

Taking this a step further, I will even look into using available API's to directly integrate content into Moodle to help with user engagement.

In the mean time, if you would like to add Custom User Profile Fields for your Moodle, you can do so in the Administration menu.

Moodle Password Requests

Like many developers out there I am responsible for ensuring that students have continuous access to Moodle.  However over the past few months I seem to be getting some bizarre excuses.  I'm sure it's not only Moodle support that have the same problems but IT Departments also.

Here are some of my favourite excuses for not having access to Moodle.

Student "I can't log on"

Student "It works from home, but not from here"  
Me "Can you show me"
Student "Oh it's working now"

Student "It says I'm putting in my password wrong"  
Me "Are you sure you're putting in your password correctly"  
Student "Yes, err I don't know, maybe not"

Student "I can't log on, I was on last night but it's not working now"  
Me "OK let me have a look, oh yes, I can see what's happening, you don't actually have a Moodle account"

Student "I can't log on"  
Me "What error message does it say"  
Student "it just says error"

Student "I've been told to use this Moodle thing but I've never been able to log on"
Me "Lets have a look, but you was online last night, at 22:43"
Student "Oh yeah, I was on Moodle but I couldn't get on"

Student "I can't get Moodle"
Me "But you're not even logged on the computer"
Student "Yeah, I know it says I'm locked out"

Student "It won't let me log on"
Me "Lets have a look, I've got no record of you ever trying to log on"
Student "I mean the other Moodle"
Me "Do you mean the Intranet?"

Do you have any funny ones, leave them in the comments below.