The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

I'm finding it hard to believe that's it's been 4 years since The Dark Knight was first released back in 2008, where has the time gone? it feels like The Dark Knight Rises has snook up upon me and I am gratefull enough to be able to have watched it in the Cinema.  This is defernatly a film to watch in the cinema, it's visually stunning and the attention to detail is immense (I was half expecting to see a NYPD police car somewhere in the background). Gotham City is quite obviously set in Manhattan with other scenes set around America.

I have mixed feelings about The Dark Knight Rises and I really wanted it to be better than the previous 2 instalments but it's quite clear that The Dark Knight is marginally a better film, not saying that Rises isn't a good film I just didn't connect to Rises as much as I did with The Dark Knight.

Bane is a great villain, he was perfect as Batman's enemy even though I couldn't understand a single word he said.  I can't help wonder if Batman was up against Bane when batman was in his bad ass kick ass phase, would Bane even have stood a chance? I don't think he would as Batman would have just taken him out, Boom! (Which would have made a pretty short film!)

The film was more of a journey for Bruce Wayne starting as a helpless man with health problems and morning the loss of Rachel taking us through to his epic return as Batman.

It's very difficult to give this film a 5/5 as Banes voice spoiled it for me, it got quite irritating after a while and I found myself concentrating even harder just to make out what he was saying.  It even reminded me of KARR's voice in the original Knight Rider series. This is the first time I've given a film 4.5/5

Tiny Hippo and Tiny Train

The Dark Knight (2008)

"This town deserves a better class of criminal and I'm going to give it to them!"

Fantastic film, where did the last 2 hours 30 minutes go? The story, the actors and the tech makes this film what it is along with scenes like when the Bat-mobile turned into the Bat-bike totally set this film apart from the rest.

Im glad I've re-watched this before going to watch The Dark Knight Rises as its refreshed my memory.

ASDA to sell Salbutamol Asthma Inhalers over the counter

Today marks a very special day for Asthma sufferers up and down the country. The supermaket chain ASDA have announced that as of today (Tuesday 24th July 2012) they will be selling blue Salbutamol reliever inhalers over the counter and for the first time without a prescription.  They have also announced that the Inhalers will be available to purchase from their Pharmacies for a cost of £7 for 2 Inhalers, cheaper than the current prescription cost of £7.65. 

As a long time Asthma sufferer I find this to be brilliant news as I can't tell you the amount of times I've lost, misplaced or forgotten my Inhaler and struggled on without it.  Bank holidays and the frustrating times when doctors surgery's are closed are now a thing of the past.

It's certainly a step in the right direction and a small change that will make a huge difference to millions of Asthma sufferers.

Press Release by ASDA

Casino Royale (2006)

"A little to the right, I've got an itch..."

Right from the opening scenes the premise for the new style James bond has been set. They've taken things back to basics I mean how could you beat an Invisible Aston Martin? Flying car maybe.

It starts at the beginning of James Bond's 007 Career where James actually got into a fight, as if James would get his Savile Row suit dirty!

The film is what you would expect from a Bond film, plenty of action, adventure, some great comedy moments, awesome technology, beautiful women, cars, guns and epic explosions.

Die another day will always be my favourite Bond film but damn, this is pretty close. 5/5

True Lies (1994)

"Have you even killed anyone?" "Yeah, but they were all bad"

This film has it all, the perfect mix of Action, Adventure, Cheesy Comedy and Romance with a bit of terrorism thrown in for good measure. Art Malik never fails to deliver as a physco terrorist which even reminds me of the recent Homeland series.

Curtis and Schwarzenegger work great together and I've only just realised there's a young Eliza Dushku as Dana Tasker. It's also impossible to look at Tia Carrere without singing Ballroom Blitz, damn you Wayne, damn you. 5/5

Thank you 50,000 times over

My blog has just hit 50,000 Page views! a huge milestone for me as I could have never imagined such large numbers my blog.  I would like to thank each any every one of you who has visited, liked, commended and got in touch as I couldn't have done it without you.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Doctor Who - Assimilation 2 Review (Part 3)

I was always told to never judge a book by a cover but lucky for me this is a comic.  The cover of issue 3 shows Captain Kirk in a fight with an old school Cyberman while the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) and Spock looks upon.  As I've never really been a big fan of Tom Baker and I instantly had mixed feelings about this issue as I'm a huge Star Trek: The Original Series fan - which is fresh in my mind as I re-watched the whole digitally enhanced series a couple of months back.

Issue 3 kicks off exactly where issue 2 ended where the Enterprise is stuck between a fleet of Borg and Cybermen ships, while the Enterprise decides to hide in a nebula Captain Picard asks Data to look up any information on the Cybermen on the ships computer.  Much to their amazement and even mine they find a record encountered by the Enterprise, registry number NCC-1701 which was commanded by James T. Kirk over 100 years ago.

While the crew of the Enterprise are discussing James T. Kirk and the Cybermen the Doctor appears to be having a flashback, which takes to to another point in time.

This is an interesting part of the issue, during the Doctors flashback the artwork of the comic has changed from painted to a more typical comic book style of that 1960s which helps to clearly define the flashback from current time. 

During the flashback the enterprise crew find that the people on the plant are like zombies and set out to investigate which leads them to meet a strange man wearing a scarf and eating Jelly Babies who offers them assistance with a lock, once through to a secure area the crew encounter the Cybermen and a fight breaks out.  With the help from the Doctor the crew defeat the Cybermen using gold particles from Kirks communicator.  The Doctor then vanishes and the flashback ends.

Back to the present time and the Doctor now remembers what happened, which leaves the Enterprise crew struggling to comprehend this as it was over 100 years ago and that the Doctor now looks different. The Doctor is also finding himself remembering things that should not be there. (has the past changed? has time been altered?)

Issue 3 ends with Captain Picard taking the Doctor to meet Guinan, something I knew that Picard would do.  We all know that Deanna Troi has physic abilities as a half-Betazoid but Guinan is old and has the ability to sense when things are not as they should be like she did in one of my favourite Next Generation Episodes Yesterday's Enterprise.

asides :-

- Does anyone else find it interesting that the 2 main characters in the story are both British?
- I find it fasinating how the writers have perfectly captured each individuals personal characteristics in the comic.
- Why did the flashback Doctor simply appear and then vanish?
- Why didn't the Doctor automatically remember the Enterprise when he met Captain Picard? all be it a later more advanced ship.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

This is a strange one to review as I'm a huge fan of the Toby Maguire franchise. The film is perfect, Action, Excitement and Adventure I even found myself getting excited towards the end as the whole city was supporting Spider-Man. The Story is quite different from the original, Peter is a photographer but no mention of The Daily Bugle, I really missed seeing the Flat Iron building as Bugle HQ.

Martin Sheen and Sally Field were great as Uncle Ben and Aunt May and it was nice to see a bit of a back story regarding Peters parents.

This film is most definitely 5/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation Doctor Who - Assimilation 2 Review (Part 2)

The second edition of Assimilation2 takes us back a little bit and starts on The Enterprise with Geordie checking Data's Positronic systems while the Enterprise is on a routine stop and greet mission to a mineral rich planet called Naia VII. The inhabitants of Naia VII are ugly fish people, I couldn't help wonder who would win in a fight between the residents of Naia VII and Mega Shark.

Commander Riker, Worf and Data head down to the planet where an accident occurs and the Enterprise crew are washed away leaving Data to save Riker and Worf.

It's interesting how this initial part of the comic although seemingly irrelevant to the overall story sets the pace and premise for the bigger picture.

As the away team return they are greeted by Captain Picard who would like Riker to test a system upgrade to the Holodeck. A new Dixon Hill adventure (as if the captain would want them to test any other program!) Riker along with Data and Dr Crusher head into the Holodeck where they are amazed by the real life smells and atmosphere.

This is the moment where we catch up to issue 1 where the Doctor, Amy and Rory meet the Enterprise crew which also takes me to my favourite part of the comic where the Doctor, Amy and Rory are in the Enterprise Holodeck with the TARDIS, something I'd never thought I'd ever see which is a dream come true for Trekkies and Whovians alike

The story continues with the TARDIS crew being taken to see Captain Picard by Worf. The Doctor recognises Worf as a Klingon but has never heard of a Klingon before!  The Doctor also has never heard of any of the Federation Planets either. Strange things are happening me thinks.

Captain Picard then asks the Doctor "Who are you and what are you doing on our ship?" This was an interesting question as I believe that Captain Picard would have actually said "Who are you and what are you doing on MY ship?".

As this question bugged me I tweeted the writer of the comic who replied as follows.

This reply only adds fuel to the fire leaving so many unanswered questions.

The comic ends with the Doctor and Captain Picard approaching the Delta System where they are confronted by Borg and Cybermen ships.


Why did the TARDIS materialise on the Holodeck?

Why is Picard suspiciously diplomatic? has he met The Doctor before?

Why doesn't The Doctor know any of the federation planets? He claims he knows all planets and galaxies.

How does he know what a Klingon is if he's never heard of the race before?

I eagerly look forward to Part 3.

Ghostbusters (1984)

"Tell him about the Twinky"

This is actually the first time I've watched this film properly. I mean it's been it on tv countless times and I've seen the ending hundreds of times but never actually sat through the whole film. I don't actually know how it passed me by.

Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis work well together providing a great mix of humour and geekyness. The Special FX are not bad considering the age of the film but some parts are obviously dated.

Overall it's a great iconic 80s film which I really hope doesn't get remade anytime soon. 4/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation Doctor Who - Assimilation 2 Review (Part 1)

Ever since this comic book was announced I've had mixed feelings regarding this project, partly due to the fact that it's a comic and I've never really been 'into' comics before, I'm more of a TV/movie guy.

However after talking to Comic book geek Comics and Cola I grew excited at the prospect of my 2 favourite shows colliding on a whole new level.

Part one starts on the Federation Planet Delta IV which becomes under attack by a new combined force of the Borg and Cybermen.  It always seems strange to me why the Borg and Cybermen would join forces as each are clearly masters of their own race, I guess I will find out later on in the series.

The comic then moves on to the Doctor, Rory and Amy who are currently in Ancient Egypt being chased by Egyptians down an alleyway with the doctor on the hunt for a creature who is an escaped prisoner.

Once captured and back in the TARDIS, the TARDIS is on the move and materialises in San Francisco 1941.  The 3 proceed to explore a bar where they see Data, Riker and Dr Crusher.

As this is the first comic book I've ever read I find it fascinating how as I'm reading through I can hear the actors speak as if they we're in the role, but maybe that's just me being a huge Doctor Who and Star Trek fan.

The first issue has perfectly set the premise for the whole comic, leaving a few unanswered questions.

Why have the Borg and Cybermen joined forces?  Cybermen have made it quite clear in the past that they see them selves as a superior race?

Was the Doctor meant to end up in San Francisco 1941 or was it the TARDIS?

Was it just a coincidence that they happened to walk into the same bar as Data, Riker and Crusher?

Are they on the Holodeck?

£2.99 in the iOS iBook Store.

State of the blog - Summer 2012

Followers my of blog will know that I try an keep this blog as much about Moodle as possible however I find myself wanting to blog more, not really Moodle specific things but more general topics.

I do have some ideas for blog posts and even write reviews but I've often thought its difficult to find the perfect platform to reach the perfect audience.  Which is why I'm changing Sukhwant's Blog into a more general blog.  I will still continue to blog about my Moodle developments as and when they happen but this Moodle blog will now become more of a blog for all things that interest me.

Those of you who are interested, I do have a few other blogs which I regularly update :- - A movie blog where I review films that I have watched, I've been updating this blog since January 2012 - A blog which I set up for fun, everytime I would see a Singh on TV I would take a picture and publish it.  This is actually my most popular blog! suprised even me. - Since Google removed the shared options from Google Reader I set this blog up to keep a track of all the interesting articles/posts I found online.  I love this blog and wish I started it earlier. - A photos blog which I set up as I wanted a way to showcase totally pointless and random Photos and Graphics I've taken/created.

What? too many blogs I hear you say? well I've actually thought about merging them together but there's something about keeping blogs separate that really appeals to me,  besides there are plenty of other interesting ways to collate the content.