ASDA to sell Salbutamol Asthma Inhalers over the counter

Today marks a very special day for Asthma sufferers up and down the country. The supermaket chain ASDA have announced that as of today (Tuesday 24th July 2012) they will be selling blue Salbutamol reliever inhalers over the counter and for the first time without a prescription.  They have also announced that the Inhalers will be available to purchase from their Pharmacies for a cost of £7 for 2 Inhalers, cheaper than the current prescription cost of £7.65. 

As a long time Asthma sufferer I find this to be brilliant news as I can't tell you the amount of times I've lost, misplaced or forgotten my Inhaler and struggled on without it.  Bank holidays and the frustrating times when doctors surgery's are closed are now a thing of the past.

It's certainly a step in the right direction and a small change that will make a huge difference to millions of Asthma sufferers.

Press Release by ASDA