Star Trek: The Next Generation Doctor Who - Assimilation 2 Review (Part 3)

I was always told to never judge a book by a cover but lucky for me this is a comic.  The cover of issue 3 shows Captain Kirk in a fight with an old school Cyberman while the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) and Spock looks upon.  As I've never really been a big fan of Tom Baker and I instantly had mixed feelings about this issue as I'm a huge Star Trek: The Original Series fan - which is fresh in my mind as I re-watched the whole digitally enhanced series a couple of months back.

Issue 3 kicks off exactly where issue 2 ended where the Enterprise is stuck between a fleet of Borg and Cybermen ships, while the Enterprise decides to hide in a nebula Captain Picard asks Data to look up any information on the Cybermen on the ships computer.  Much to their amazement and even mine they find a record encountered by the Enterprise, registry number NCC-1701 which was commanded by James T. Kirk over 100 years ago.

While the crew of the Enterprise are discussing James T. Kirk and the Cybermen the Doctor appears to be having a flashback, which takes to to another point in time.

This is an interesting part of the issue, during the Doctors flashback the artwork of the comic has changed from painted to a more typical comic book style of that 1960s which helps to clearly define the flashback from current time. 

During the flashback the enterprise crew find that the people on the plant are like zombies and set out to investigate which leads them to meet a strange man wearing a scarf and eating Jelly Babies who offers them assistance with a lock, once through to a secure area the crew encounter the Cybermen and a fight breaks out.  With the help from the Doctor the crew defeat the Cybermen using gold particles from Kirks communicator.  The Doctor then vanishes and the flashback ends.

Back to the present time and the Doctor now remembers what happened, which leaves the Enterprise crew struggling to comprehend this as it was over 100 years ago and that the Doctor now looks different. The Doctor is also finding himself remembering things that should not be there. (has the past changed? has time been altered?)

Issue 3 ends with Captain Picard taking the Doctor to meet Guinan, something I knew that Picard would do.  We all know that Deanna Troi has physic abilities as a half-Betazoid but Guinan is old and has the ability to sense when things are not as they should be like she did in one of my favourite Next Generation Episodes Yesterday's Enterprise.

asides :-

- Does anyone else find it interesting that the 2 main characters in the story are both British?
- I find it fasinating how the writers have perfectly captured each individuals personal characteristics in the comic.
- Why did the flashback Doctor simply appear and then vanish?
- Why didn't the Doctor automatically remember the Enterprise when he met Captain Picard? all be it a later more advanced ship.