State of the blog - Summer 2012

Followers my of blog will know that I try an keep this blog as much about Moodle as possible however I find myself wanting to blog more, not really Moodle specific things but more general topics.

I do have some ideas for blog posts and even write reviews but I've often thought its difficult to find the perfect platform to reach the perfect audience.  Which is why I'm changing Sukhwant's Blog into a more general blog.  I will still continue to blog about my Moodle developments as and when they happen but this Moodle blog will now become more of a blog for all things that interest me.

Those of you who are interested, I do have a few other blogs which I regularly update :- - A movie blog where I review films that I have watched, I've been updating this blog since January 2012 - A blog which I set up for fun, everytime I would see a Singh on TV I would take a picture and publish it.  This is actually my most popular blog! suprised even me. - Since Google removed the shared options from Google Reader I set this blog up to keep a track of all the interesting articles/posts I found online.  I love this blog and wish I started it earlier. - A photos blog which I set up as I wanted a way to showcase totally pointless and random Photos and Graphics I've taken/created.

What? too many blogs I hear you say? well I've actually thought about merging them together but there's something about keeping blogs separate that really appeals to me,  besides there are plenty of other interesting ways to collate the content.