Goodbye Moodle, it was fun while it lasted

Goodbye Moodle. I've seen you grown from a wee nipper aged 1.7 to 2.3. We've had good times, we've had bad times, we've even had some fun times but it's time I moved on.
I've accepted a position as Multimeda / Social Media Developer at Leeds City College so I will unfortunately have to say goodbye to Moodle as my new role focuses primarily on the Social Media, Web aspects and online reputation for Leeds City College.

It's a role I'm excited about taking on and I can't wait to get stuck in.

What does this mean for all the amazing Moodle developments you've done for the Moodle Community? I hear you say.

Well first of all I can no longer support Moodle nor provide help to the community, no doubt I'll quite quickly get left behind as Moodle HQ crack on with core developments. However I will be keeping all existing Moodle related blog posts (it would be a shame to remove them).

But what about your amazing twitter accounts?

Well I'm glad you asked, I've primarily used 2 twitter accounts @SukhwantLota and @iSukhwant but I feel that it's a good time to retire @iSukhwant and stick to just one where I'll re-integrate all my existing blogs back as they once were a few years ago. I hope to be tweeting much more from this account as it has been a tad bit neglected lately especially as the Summer kicked in and my Moodle developments slowed down.

I would just like to add that it's been a pleasure working with the Moodle community over the past 4 years and I wish you all the very best.