Stats Update

Leeds City College Stats Update Facebook Likes - 4527
Twitter Followers - 2097
Youtube Video Views - 24,375
Flickr - 1142 Items / 8838 views
Pinterest - 39 followers
Google + - 57 Followers
Instagram - 22 followers

EU Cookies Law

To comply with the EU Cookie Law I've found a Wordpress plugin which shows a banner at the top of the Leeds City College site.

The banner shows on all pages until the user clicks dismiss.

I hate the fact that I have to do this, but the Law is the Law.

On a redesign the website I would look at ways to integrate this into the core of the site rather than just a plugin.

I'm working on adding the plugin to all the other microsites too.

Black Box - Fantasy [Music Monday]

Google+ finally have usernames

I received an email in the early hours this morning informing me that I've been selected to choose a username for my Leeds City College Google + Page.  They informed me that LeedsCityCollege has been reserved for me.

This morning I activated this new Google+ feature and was provided with the following URL for the page although an improvement from but I still would have preferred it with the added + in the url.


We have a system which is currently in development, it's called Web Apply and it allows students to apply directly for courses online.

The system is due to go live soon but I had one major concern with it.  The look of the application is dated and old

The application is 100% width, something I've never been a fan off.  The colours look dated and everything just looks squashed.

I wanted to create a fresh and pleasant environment, clear from clutter and simple after all potential students will be looking at the application.

Below is my initial draft

The application now looks fresh and clean, warm and inviting.  

I've updated the Web Apply logo to coincide with the branding of the college and removed the horrible brown. Overall I'm pleased with the refresh of the application and no doubt I'll be tweaking it from time to time.


I've started to integrate Google Webfonts into some of the Leeds City College microsites.  They are really easy to integrate, it's just a case of adding a line of code to the header of the theme then calling that font in the CSS of the theme.