There's no business like snow business

Monday 21st January 2013 has been chaos for Yorkshire, over 10 inches of snow fell over night.  As most of Yorkshire ground to a halt, cyberspace was booming more than usual.

On an average Monday, the Leeds City College website usually gets around 3000 visits for the entire day, on the 21st we had just over 13000 hits! with over 300 realtime active users.  most of the traffic was in the early hours of the day as staff and students wanted to know if the college was open.

It was great to watch the live stats on the site which adds the emphasis how important Real-time Analytics are to us.

The Snow hasn't just had an impact on our website analytics but our social profiles too.  Our facebook page has seen an increase of 300 new likes over the past week with 200 new followers on twitter.