Time to deactivate Pinterest

Pinterest for Leeds City College has been used for a about a year now, even before I started this role.  I think it's the right time to deactivate the account as I feel that's we're not really gaining much from it at the moment, not to say that this won't change in the future.

Pinterest make it very easy to deactivate your account, maybe a bit too easy with a huge deactivate button on the settings page, it's almost as if Pinterest want you to deactivate your account.

During the deactivation process they inform you that all your pins will be removed and that your username not not be freed up.  This has it's good and bad points.

It means that cyber-squatters can't hog your username but it also means that I won't be able to re-register the same username in the future.

after taking this into consideration, I've decided to keep the Pinterest account active but remove any corrospondance to the fact we use pinterest from our website

Pinterest may still be useful to us in the future, maybe for our cookery or hairdressing courses, but I guess that's something we'll have to wait and see.