Top 10 Apps I Can't Live Without

Since the Social Media Event I attended in July we had an interesting session where we discussed which apps people can't live without. So following on from the event here are the top 10 apps and web apps that I can't live without.

1. Echofon

Echofon is a mobile app that we take for granted, it's my favourite twitter client on the iPhone and iPad.  It's simple, clean and boasts features such as being able to mute followers.

2. Facebook

Facebook at the end of the day is Facebook, the native app is the best way to view your timeline on mobile devices, there are plenty of other clients but none of the others seem to naturally flow as Facebook does on the web.  It's not without it's problems mind you, but in my opinion the best.

3. Air Video

Air Video is one of the first apps I purchased when I bought my iPhone, it simply allows you to stream video content from a computer to your mobile device, locally and over the web.  The beauty about this app is that it just works.  You no longer have to worry about conversion rates and settings, just press play and it does the hard work for you.

4. Feedly/Reeder

Since the demise of Google Reader, like many of you I've shifted my daily reading habbits over to Feedly.  As Google Reader didn't have a native mobile app I used Reeder which is a clean a simple mobile reader.  The feedly app is great too but Reeder is the one for me.

5. Snapseed

I've been using Snapseed pretty much since the day it launched and I still use it today.  It's quite possibly the best photo editor on iOS devices.  It's intuitive and makes brilliant use of gesture controls that we are all crying out for.  I love it.


Get the web to work for you! if you are a fan of the website IFTTT then the mobile app is just a good, it lets you create recepies on the fly to help you automate the web for you.  I use it from simple things like auto tweeting blog posts and backing up phone photos. Brill!

7. Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed simply allows you to automagically tweet from your blog, I use to alongsite IFTTT to help automate my social sites, it's simple, fast and brilliant.

8. Pages by Facebook

I really couldn't manage my collection of Facebook pages without this app, It helps to keep work and personal Facebook accounts separate whilst making it easy to manage.  Before Pages App I would struggle to manage individual Facebook pages via the web, this app has saved me countless hours.

9. Over

I love creating content on the fly, and with Over it's simple.  Over allows you to place sexy text over images on your mobile device, it's quick and easy and saves the images back to your phone.  With the most recent update they now boast 100s of fonts and multiple layers.

10. Evernote

Evernote is perfect for business.  I use to to help manage my work day to day tasks.  It has some awesome features like being able to record the audio of meetings whilst making notes.  Once saved they are accessable on the web and any other web device.  Sweet.

Social Media Conference - LearnPod13

Today I attended the Social Media Event LearnPod.  This is the 3rd time I've attend the annual event at Doncaster College (The Hub).  I've always liked events like these as they tend to be a great mix of show and tell supported by plenty of talent.

There were various groups and breakout rooms, I ventured to the room with Simon England, who is Doncaster College Social Media/Web Ninja, quite similar to my role at Leeds City College!.  We discussed how Doncaster College manages it's social media presence as well as some of the problems that Simon and his team have had to overcome and deal with.  I felt that this session was the most valuable to me as it's similar to some of the issues that we face at LCC.

Next was the breakout room with John Popham where we discussed Learning through play.  This was another great session where we discussed various methods that users can learn whilst having fun.

In my final session we shared different apps and platforms, I did a demonstration of 2 of my favourite webapps, IFTTT (If This Then That) and Twitterfeed. I will be blogging about these and other of my favourite webapps in a later post.

Overall I thought the event was great, I left inspired and enthused to try and better the social media that I manage.

Twitter and Google Mail - A Match Made in Social Media Heaven

Users of Twitter will know that it has a 1 account for 1 email address policy, unlike facebook pages and tumblr accounts where you can have multiple pages linked to multiple accounts.  This is quite frustrating for users like me who manage up to 30 twitter accounts for different departments across Leeds City College.

The solution, Gmail!  Gmail has a relatively unknown feature which allows multiple address to be created on the fly.

If your email address is for example then having the dots in the email address doesn't matter and twitter will and as different email addresses enabling you to set up different twitter accounts this way.

With Gmail you can also append text on the end of your username using the + symbol, for example any email sent to will end up in the same gmail account as, amazing!

Try it on your own Gmail account.  This also works with email addresses that use Google Apps.