Social Media Conference - LearnPod13

Today I attended the Social Media Event LearnPod.  This is the 3rd time I've attend the annual event at Doncaster College (The Hub).  I've always liked events like these as they tend to be a great mix of show and tell supported by plenty of talent.

There were various groups and breakout rooms, I ventured to the room with Simon England, who is Doncaster College Social Media/Web Ninja, quite similar to my role at Leeds City College!.  We discussed how Doncaster College manages it's social media presence as well as some of the problems that Simon and his team have had to overcome and deal with.  I felt that this session was the most valuable to me as it's similar to some of the issues that we face at LCC.

Next was the breakout room with John Popham where we discussed Learning through play.  This was another great session where we discussed various methods that users can learn whilst having fun.

In my final session we shared different apps and platforms, I did a demonstration of 2 of my favourite webapps, IFTTT (If This Then That) and Twitterfeed. I will be blogging about these and other of my favourite webapps in a later post.

Overall I thought the event was great, I left inspired and enthused to try and better the social media that I manage.